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How to add power over Ethernet (PoE) to your device for $7.69 USD

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Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications can vary widely with regard to product design requirements. NetBurner module versions with a 10-pin male header in place of the RJ-45 Ethernet jack can be used in conjunction with a PoE power supply module to create a PoE end product. This article will provide a design example of PoE using the SB70LC-200IR and SBL2E-200IR modules.

Eliminate the power supply by adding power over ethernet connectivity.

A block diagram of the PoE design is shown below. The design uses a RJ-45 PoE jack with integrated magnetics. The power signals are routed to the PoE compatible power module, which then supplies the 3.3VDC power to the NetBurner module. The Ethernet signals are routed to the NetBurner module for network connectivity. The power module in this example design is a Silvertel AG9603.

Power of Ethernet (PoE) Diagram

Hardware Design

Download : Schematic and PCB

This design supports the NetBurner SB70LC-200IR and SBL2e-200IR modules. The SB70LC interface connectors are shown on the left side of the page, and the SBL2e module interface connectors are shown on the lower right hand side of the page. You would replace these connectors with the appropriate interface connectors for your specific NetBurner module. Other than the Silvertel PoE power supply module and PoE jack, there are two bridge rectifiers as specified in the Sivertel Ag9600 product series datasheet. The Silverlite 9603 module has an input voltage range of 36V to 57V, and output voltage of 3.3V, and a maximum power output of 6 watts.

Bill of Material

UsedPart TypeDesignatorVendorPart NumberDescription
2330uF*C1 C2Digikey493-2157-1-NDCAP 330UF 6.3V ELECT WT SMD
1380-1119-NDJ1DIGIKEY380-1119-NDPOE Ethernet Jack
2HEADER 5X2J6 JP2Central componentsARS-02-10-GD0.1″ 2×5 Receptacle
2HEADER 10X2JP1 JP1_HCentral ComponentsARS-02-20-GD0.1″ 2×10 Receptacle
1Header 8X2J10Central ComponentsARS-02-16-GD0.1″ 2×8 Receptacle
2MB16S-TPMSCT-NDD1 D2DigikeyMB16S-TPMSCT-NDSchlocky Bridge Rectifier
1SW SPSTS1Digikey7914G-000ECT-NDReset pushbutton
1Silvertel AG9603U1SilvertelAg9603POE power converter

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