Netburner office


Established in 1998

In 1998 the NetBurner name originated with the development of network device programmers, in which embedded programs are “burned” into integrated chips. It became apparent that to network-enable any embedded device required expensive tools and software licenses, as well as a significant amount of development time to produce a product. Our goal then became to provide high quality affordable network enabling technologies.

Product Development

Whether you want to design your own hardware or need an off the shelf solution, NetBurner development kits and products provide a single source for the software, hardware, tools, and support to develop a finished product. Kits includes source for our real-time operating system (RTOS), TCP/IP stack, C/C++ compiler and debugger, Eclipse IDE, over 100 example applications, and an embedded hardware module. Whether this is your first network application, or you are an experienced network programmer, you can be Networking in One Day! NetBurner standard products are complete network solutions that can be designed into your product. We also provide custom OEM design and manufacturing services to suit any application.

Working at NetBurner

Our development team is small and versatile. It isn’t uncommon for our engineers to work at all levels from designing hardware to writing example applications and everywhere in between. Most of our current software is the result of one of our developers sitting down and asking themselves “How can I build something that does this?” “What is the most efficient way we can do that?” or “This seems really hard to do. Is there any way I can make that better?” If you constantly find yourself working on projects and asking yourself these questions, here’s one more “Would you consider a job working at NetBurner?”

We believe that every developer should be focused on what drives them. Frequently, that means we sponsor teams to compete in competitions like the Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicles Challenge (AVC) and the X prize challenge. Several of our developers have used our hardware to build home automation software, giant LED displays, worked with robots, and any number of other projects. If you have a passion for making things work, we’re always looking for a few good people. Tell us about your dream job and send your resume to