Send SSL secure email, generate custom web pages, send and receive network data.

PINK serial enabled web server

The goal: Enable a microcontroller to communicate over a network or the Internet

The method: Connect a serial port to a Serial-Enabled Web Server module.

The result: Send email, send or receive UDP data, or create a web page that is dynamically updated by on-board variable data.

The NetBurner PINK Serial-Enabled SSL Web Server adds secure web server capability to your micro-controller enabling it to communicate over a network or even the Internet. It supports over 100 web-accessible variables, allowing for dynamic web pages. Features include a ftp web server for web pages and files, sending e-mail, UDP messages to alert you to events or provide status messages, and much more. Communication with the host controller is done using a simple TTL serial interface.

Device Connectivity

  • 10/100Mbps Ethernet
  • RS-232 and RS-422/485 ready (require external level shifter)

Choose your Serial-Enabled Web Server

Part NumberVersionVCC
PINK70 1005V
PINK70 LC1003.3V