Send email, generate custom web pages, send and receive network data.

The goal: Quickly create a finished product that can be controlled, configured, and monitored using Ethernet.​

The method: Add additional functionality with a pre-built add-on board, or create your own custom board. the add-on boards are installed inside the PK70 EX enclosure.​

The result: Access device from the Internet or a local area network (LAN)​

NetBurner has traditionally offered CPU processor boards that provide easy access via header pins to the general purpose processor and digital I/O. These “core modules” include ram, flash, 10/100 Ethernet and can be programmed using our software tools suite. To use it you have to build a board to plug into and a case to go over it. We have also offered serial to ethernet devices in a finished box all ready to go to deploy as a finished product. We kept getting requests to add features to the box or a box to the processor boards.

The solution is the Network Product Kit – it combines the best of both worlds!

The Network Product Kit combines the design of a finished product, the flexibility of a network module, and the power of the NetBurner development suite into a ready to use platform for use in both prototype or production. The primary advantage of the Network Product Kit is that the electronics are in a professional grade enclosure with a power supply.

The most exciting feature is the Add-on board slot. You can use one of our standard Add-on Boards or create your own.

Just insert the card, add the case, write your software, and you have a finished product!

Modular add-on options:

Add-on Options


Ethernet Network Product Kit Core

Part NumberMHzRAMFlashDigital I/OFlash CardUARTI2CSPIOther Features
PK70EX-100IR147.58MB4MB14On Board1 TTL115-bit address bus and 8-bit data bus with 3-chip selects

Add-on Board Options

Part NumberAdd-On Board TypeSpecial Features
NBPKX500-100CR FPGA Board– Programmable Xilinx Spartan 3E FPGA
– High-density 62-pin connector
NBPKBM-100CR Multi I/O Board– Eight 12-bit analog-to-digital inputs
– Two 16-bit digital-to-analog outputs
– 16 digital I/O
NBPKBD-100CR Programmable Xilinx Digital I/O Board– Programmable Xilinx CPLD
– 32 digital I/O
NBPKBG-100CR NTP Timer Server with GPS Board– Network Time Protocol (NTP) server
– Precision GPS time reference
NBPKBP-100CR Prototype Board– Create your own Personality Blade
NBPKBU-232CR Quad UART (RS-232) Board– Network enable up to 4 RS-232 serial devices
NBPKBU-485CR Quad UART (RS-422/485) Board– Network enable up to 4 RS-422/485 serial devices
NBPKBU-MMSCR Quad UART (RS-232/422/485) Board– Network enable up to 4 RS-232/422/485 serial devices



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