20 Years in Networking and IoT

Complete IoT Connectivity & Networking Solution​

Netburner’s ease of use, robust functionality, performance, longevity and scalability lets embedded engineers, developers, product teams, startups, makers and innovators do their best. Our rugged and reliable technologies stand the test of time and are proven on Earth and beyond.

IoT Connectivity

Toolkit &


Interface &

IoT Security

Turnkey IoT & Networking

Out of the box product and embedded functionality that's well supported and easy to use.

High Performance

Robust Real-Time Operating System optimized for high-speed networking, task management and IO.

Faster Time to Market

Reduce R&D cost, engineering time, and resources with our developer friendly solutions.

Scalable from the Ground Up

Embedded products designed to technically and economically scale with lifecycle management front of mind.

Industrial Temp & Rugged

With a +85°C to -40°C operating temperature range, you can trust our rugged products reliability, longevity, and life cycle support.

Developer & App Friendly

Design freedom to build whatever you want, how you want it and with thorough documentation.

Data Security

Support for SSL/TLS v1.3, HTTPS, and SSH.

Amazing Support

Timely, top quality email support from actual in-house engineers and our expert team.

Innovation & Experience

20 years as IoT Pioneers and still exploring the frontier.

IoT Cloud Compatible

Data autonomy and cloud ready. AWS IoT Core, Azure, Google IoT -- just choose your cloud service.

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Fielded Devices
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Who we are.

We do everything for our users and believe that your success is quite literally our success. That’s why we provide as complete and well supported of an IoT and Automation solution as possible. From our learning friendly development kits , to our software tools, documentation and support we strive to get you proving out your technology faster and with an edge towards scalability and sustainability. 

We’re not only in the business we live and breath IOT and embedded. Staying on top of the latest tech, practices and trends is our passion. Check out one of our stories from our entry at the Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Challenge to see what we mean!

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Featured Product Lines

IOT Developer Kits

Reach escape velocity in a flash with our easy to use and adaptable Development Kits complete with SDK software.

Serial to Ethernet

Keep to serial devices and software suites running with our serial to ethernet servers and Virtual COM port products.