NetBurner OEM Products and Solutions Are:

IPC Class 3

IPC Class 3 design and qualification are available for high reliability or harsh operating environment electronic products where equipment downtime cannot be tolerated. Read more on IPC standards.

Robust & Reliable

Designed and tested for a -40°C to +85°C  industrial operating temperature range. You can trust our rugged products reliability, longevity, and life cycle support.

RoHS Compliant

Compliant lead-free hardware. Rest assured that your products will be safer and internationally marketable. Read our RoHS documentation.

Fully Supported

NetBurner bolsters your design and product life cycle management with in-house technical support, firmware updates, comprehensive tools and libraries.

Made in the USA

NetBurner sales, support and services are based out of San Diego, CA with our highly experienced and qualified team. We proudly design and manufacture our products in the USA.

A Complete Embedded Solution

Developing embedded hardware and the applications that run on them from the ground up is no small feat. Let NetBurner’s experienced embedded engineers work with your team to provide a complete solution or product design based on your requirements. 

Accelerate Success and Reduce Risk

Why not concentrate on developing and delivering reliable applications and products instead of reinventing network protocols, drivers, and designing hardware? Work with NetBurner’s OEM design services and move faster.

In parallel to NetBurner designing your custom specified hardware you can go full-speed ahead developing deployable application software using our acclaimed development kits. Our embedded development kits are prized for their scalability, power, and ease of use. NetBurner solutions are trusted to reduce risk and improve functionality with complete and proven designs that include hardware, a TCP/IP Stack, SSL/TLS, drivers, a highly optimized RTOS, and all the necessary tools.

How Will You Network Enable Your Device?

You Could Design It All Yourself...

... and hope all of the time and effort pays off.

  1. Research RTOS
  2. Research Compiler
  3. Research TCP/IP Stack
  4. Research Web Server
  5. Research SSL/TLS
  6. Design Hardware
  7. Configure Compiler
  8. Port RTOS
  9. Port TCP/IP
  10. Port Web Server
  11. Port SSL/TLS
  12. Integrate Components
  13. Test and Update Components and Hardware
  14. Write Application Code
  15. …And may good fortune find you!

The NetBurner Way

... breath easier with a scalable platform.

Power for Your Products

NetBurner offers both ARM Cortex and NXP Coldfire System on Modules.

ARM embedded computing technology
Microchip Technologies
NXP embedded chips
Netburner ARM Cortex M7 embedded Development Kit for IoT product development and industrial automation.

If you are new to NetBurner you can try out our latest Embedded ARM IoT Development Kit! All of our SOM Development Kits use our SOM platform cores which enables rapid transition from prototyping to production.