The following unsolicited customer testimonials were taken from the public newsgroups. The names and email addresses have been removed to protect the privacy of some individuals.

"We've just shipped the first of our systems that uses NetBurner. Before I go on, let me thank you (and the other support members at NetBurner) for your patience and advice in helping us get up and running with our new topology."

"We got a NetBurner and it looks great. You really can get Networked in 1 day!"

"Check out the NetBurner board ( I have been using one for about a year to develop an industrial monitoring and control system. It works as advertised and the software seems stable and genuinely useful. I have no financial interest in NetBurner - just a satisfied customer."

"I had my NetBurner board up on the network in about 15-20 minutes, about the time it took to unpackage it, read the documentation, hookup a small hub and the power supply, and run the configuration program to set the network address."

"We have been using the NetBurner board for a couple of projects and are quite satisfied. We also had NetBurner do custom driver software for proprietary expansion hardware, and I am satisfied with that work as well."

"I should be able to get my demo running by next week. So far I am very impressed with both the NetBurner hardware and software."

"The sample programs are good, and fairly comprehensive for the uses of the board."

"These people make a board based on the ColdFire processor. They provide complete sources including a RTOS with support for http, PPP, telnet, ftp. The tools are the latest GCC and a patched version of newlib to support special hardware instruction to speed up fixed point arithmetic. We have integrated this board into a product of our oun manufacture and have found the Netburner company to be responsive and their product reliable."

"We have been using the NetBurner for a few projects and it is an excellent choice for getting started or just for building network appliances. What's more, their GCC compiler and kernel works right out of the box!! You will be networking in one day -- just like they advertise."

"I really appreciate all the help - you've put us way ahead of the game, and kept us ahead of schedule in general. Thanks again for making this project a success as far as we're concerned!"