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IoT data privacy and security is no laughing matter. Data breaches can be devastating and it’s often inadequate encryption technology and configuration that’s to blame.

The NetBurner SSH, SSL/TLS Embedded IoT Security Suite™ is shipped standard with all of our current generation of devices. You can rest assured that NetBurner has your back as you design and deploy secure, scalable embedded networks. Our easy-to-use tools and amazing technical support team make implementation simple.

Our powerful yet small-footprint security solution enables robust embedded data encryption protecting IoT from unauthorized device monitoring, control, re-configuration, eavesdropping or manipulation.

Defend IoT from...

Eavesdropping / Interception / Hijacking

Protect from Man-in-the-Middle Attacks, IoT Communication Protocol Hijacking, and Network Reconnaissance.

Nefarious Activity / Abuse

Denial of Service, Malware, Manipulation of Hardware & Software or Information, Targeted and Brute Force Attacks

Built-in Embedded IoT Security You Can Trust

Top-Tier SSL/TLS Libraries

NetBurner’s Embedded IoT Security Suite™ uses the wolfSSL SSL/TLS libraries for its size, speed and robust capabilities. Full-featured and trusted embedded security.
Wolf SSL embedded device encryption

Key Points

  • TLS Version v1.3
  • Secure Webpages with HTTPS
  • Secure File Transfer with FTPS
  • Secure Websockets
  • Secure Data Communications with SSL/TLS as a Server or Client
  • Secure Shell (SSH) Capability
  • Small Footprint for Lightweight Embedded Performance
  • World-Class Technical Support with NetBurner’s US-Based In-House Team


  • Support for ECC & RSA Certificates with SSL/TLS
  • Support for Onboard, Auto-Generated, Self-Signed SSL/TLS Certificates
  • SSL/TLS Session Resumption
  • SSL/TLS Peer Verification
  • SSL/TLS Client Certificates
  • SSL/TLS Key Sizes from 1024 to 4096 Bits
  • SSH Key Sizes from 512 to 4096 Bits
  • Customize to Suit Any Application with Low-Cost Development Kits
  • Uses the Latest SSL/TLS Ciphers

Example Code

Our Embedded IoT Security Suite™ comes with example code to get you up and running fast:

  • Two Serial Port Server with User Authentication, Certificate & Key Access
  • Several SSL/TLS examples show how to run your device run as a server, client, HTTPS web server, FTPS server, store keys and certs on an external SD card, send/receive mail securely, & more.
  • PEM Encoded Certificates & Public- Private Key Pairs (OpenSSH style)

SSL/TLS Implementation Overview

Why NetBurner's Embedded IoT Security Suite™?​

NetBurner SSL/TLS

  • SSL/TLS libraries written for performance & ease of use
  • Includes the latest ciphers for v1.3
  • Supports Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS)
  • SSL/TLS integrated with our TCP/IP stack and web server for secure web pages with HTTPS in just a few function calls
  • 32-bit NetBurner processor platforms can easily handle the demands of connecting and transmitting data using SSL/TLS, unlike 8-bit or 16-bit microcontrollers

NetBurner SSH (Secure Shell)

  • SSH enables secure data exchange between embedded network devices on a network or the Internet
  • Replace TELNET and other insecure remote shells with a secure alternative
  • Server authentication (username and password) is required for security but the administrator can allow anonymous operation

Embedded IoT Security FAQ

NetBurner provides SSL/TLS libraries which are the foundation upon which most commercial and industrial security protocols and architectures are built.

SSL/TLS is a cryptographic protocol that provides security and ensures data integrity for transmissions made over a TCP/IP network.

SSL/TLS is primarily used to enable devices to serve secure web pages (HTTPS) over a local network or the Internet. IoT edge node data, control commands, configurations and other data payloads can be reliably encrypted thus preventing eavesdropping, hijacking and abuse.

SSH is a crytpographic protocol that allows for secure data exchange even over an insecure network. SSH enables data to be exchanged between two network devices over a secure channel— it’s a secure replacement for TELNET and other insecure remote shells. SSH supports remote command-line interface, logins, and command execution, and other network services.

Yes, NetBurner fully supports Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS).

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