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The following companies have worked with NetBurner to produce hardware or software included in NetBurner products or are VARs who produce hardware or software for their own NetBurner based product.


Technology Partners​

Microchip technologies embedded chip

Microchip Technology

As the leading supplier of automotive-qualified Ethernet devices with the broadest portfolio in the market, we have the solution you need to get connected. Our automotive-grade PHYs, switches, bridges, controllers and security ICs are designed to meet the rigorous demands of a wide variety of in-vehicle networking applications.

NXP Logo


NetBurner is a member of the NXP Design Alliance program. We provide a complete solution for 32-bit microprocessor platforms including: low-cost hardware modules, RTOS, TCP/IP Stack, Web Server, C/C++ compiler, Integrated Development Environment and deployment tools.

HCC Embedded

NetBurner has partnered with HCC Embedded to provide a complete solution for a flash file system and flash memory cards. The Embedded Flash File System (EFFS) enables embedded systems developers to add one or more types of Flash memory storage such as: on-board flash chips, SD Flash Cards, Compact Flash Cards, Multi-Media Cards, RAM Drives, NAND and NOR Flash arrays. Additional features include wear-leveling, bad block management and CRC32 checks. The system contains an easy to use flexible common reentrant API.

DMH Software

NetBurner and DMH Software have partnered to offer an enhanced SNMP Agent solution for NetBurner platforms. DMH Software, a world-wide provider of SNMP Agent solutions, has integrated the Advanced SNMP Agent SDK into the NetBurner Network Development Kit. DMH Advanced SNMP Agent SDK comes with an SMIv2 MIB-Compiler for Rapid MIB Development. All SNMP versions: SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 are fully supported.

Real Time Automation

Move your data where you want, when you want, and how you want. Real Time Automation offers device converter solutions that move data from one device to another using almost any technology or protocol. Best of all, these devices are simple to use and can be set up and running in less than five minutes. Move your data between EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, BACnet/IP, ASCII, Ethernet TCP, and even your proprietary protocol. RTA is also available for software and custom device converters.



Mouser Electronics

Mouser Electronics is one of the 20 largest supplier authorized distributors of electronic components in North America. The company's product lines include semiconductors, passives, interconnects, electromechanical, power sources, embedded development kits, and specialty products. Mouser Electronics is a leading on-line, catalog and national electronics distributor featuring award-winning service.

Digi-Key Corporation

Digi-Key Corporation is one of the fastest-growing electronic component distributors in the World.

Omniscient Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Omniscient Electronics Pvt. Ltd., is a distributor of NetBurner products in India.



PSA Software Logo

Professional Software Associates, Inc.

Professional Software Associates, Inc. (PSA), headquartered in Lapeer, Michigan, established in 1993. On the basis of NetBurner products, we are able to design solutions which apply embedded, mobile, client-server, and web technologies to a variety of scientific and engineering challenges with a primary focus on Enterprise IoT.

PSA provides its services throughout the United States and internationally. Our solutions are deployed in a range of industries such as rail, medical, industrial, smart buildings, logistics and automotive.

We deliver services that create value through the following principles:

  • Disciplined software development process, based on IEEE standards
  • NASA TRL methodology to define the development projects stages profound technical expertise
  • Timely and cost-effective integration of hardware and software technology

Stratus iOT Solutions Logo

StratusIOTsolutions, LLC

Today’s Tech landscape is churning with new ideas, and one of the most pervasive is the networking of embedded devices and cloud connectivity. Leveraging 9 years of Netburner development, StratusIOTsolutions is completing our 33rd ground-up design using NetBurner SBL2e, PK70, MOD5234, 5234 OEM, and NANO.

The Control Freak Logo


Add SCPI to your NetBurner controller. We can provide a fully dressed out starting point for your project such as a MOD54415 with a FAT32 MicroSD “hard drive”, extendable web based configuration and display, FTP access to your data files and safe and fast AES Encrypted UDP access. Start your development from a known good starting point and distinguish your product as a polished modern offering while actually saving time and money during development.

FractalSmiths, LLC

FractalSmiths specializes in developing embedded real-time applications with remote control capabilities utilizing popular IP-based protocols, XML parser, and SQLite for both ad-hoc and conventional networking platforms.

Ruff Designs Logo

Ruff Designs

Embedded Hardware, software and systems design. Experience with standard modules and complete custom processor designs.

Software Flair Logo

SoftwareFlair, Inc.

Hardware, software and product designs. In-depth experience with standard modules and complete custom processor designs. Our extensive knowledge of protocols, real-time analysis, error detection. web interfaces, QOS metrics, and transport routing (Ethernet to/from Serial ports), provide an effective and attractive time to market solution.

Baring Forge

The Baring Forge NetBurner engineers have been doing both large and small scale embedded products for over 10 years. Our specialty is the NetBurner platform, but we also have extensive experience in all areas of embedded software, ranging from custom drivers, high performance network stacks, custom boot code, and specialized remote monitoring web interfaces. If you need it done, we have the experience and background to make it happen. In addition, we're able to provide you the PC based tooling you need to interface and manage your targets. Quality documentation (design, requirements, user guides) is part of our normal workflow, and can be tailored to your specific needs. Our team will work with you to get things done. If you're a small business owner looking to bootstrap you're product in, or an established business looking for a robust turnkey platform, we'll work with you to get you the product you need.

Pacific Research Logo

Pacific Research

Pacific Research has over 25 years of experience in designing industrial and consumer electronic products. Our hardware design skills include analog, digital, mixed signal and embedded microcontrollers, including NetBurner modules. Our software skills include assembly, C/C++, and Pascal for both embedded and Windows applications. We can provide design support beginning with the initial concept, product packaging, circuit board layout, prototypes, software and testing. Once the design is finished, we can also help to get the product into production. Some of our recent projects include; VoIP, RTP for Embedded, porting speech codecs for embedded application, XML phraser for embedded applications, vehicle tracking system, UV disinfection system monitoring, reverse osmosis control systems, including many others. We have also developed electronic device that were built into running shoes.

Bluewater Designworks, LLC.

Bluewater Designworks is a RI-based product design firm that helps clients integrate software, firmware, electronics, sensors, and mechanical elements into well-considered, microcontroller-based products. We bring 25 years of multidisciplinary experience that includes the launch of many successful consumer, medical and scientific products. We enjoy collaborating with other design professionals, scientists, and your own in-house experts. Whether it's a one-of a kind specialty device, or a high-volume product, we can work to define appropriate requirements, prove feasibility, build prototypes, and get it into the field reliably. Most of our current work focuses on using the NetBurner platform in oceanographic and environmental monitoring instruments that range from simple data loggers to fully autonomous, underwater robots that use multiple processors for tasks like navigation, mission planning and control, manipulator and camera control, and communications via multiple serial, Ethernet or satellite data links.

OBE Systems Logo

OBE Systems, Inc.

Founded in 1991, OBE Systems, Inc. provides embedded hardware and software engineering services to solve a diverse set of problems. Designs include NetBurner-based network appliances, battery powered handheld medical devices, industrial data acquisition systems, motion control software, high-speed interfaces, virtual reality / gaming, RF and IR remotes and communications, keypads, LCD displays, USB. Software/firmware experience with uCOS and the NetBurner platforms, as well as Windows (.Net, MFC, CE), Unix/Linux, Palm, LabView, and many real time operating systems; programming in assembly, C, C++, C#, and Java on 8-, 16- and 32-bit processors.

Pesce PTY Logo

Pesce Pty Ltd.

The industrial software division of Pesce Pty Ltd specialize in delivering innovative and robust solutions to industrial, scientific and technical software problems. Our team has extensive experience with C++ software development for the NetBurner platform. Pesce has a proven track record delivering systems to the alternative energy, utilities, food processing and manufacturing industries. We provide software development and rapid prototyping for embedded control systems, data acquisition, process control, simulation, and operator interfaces

Kod Integrations, LLC.

Kod (code) Integrations, LLC is a software and hardware automation solutions provider, with particular emphasis on software development instrumentation automation and control. For years, we have been providing automated test and systems control solutions for a number of industries seeking cost effective, professional solutions that meet their specific needs. We are well versed in the Netburner product line, with particular emphasis on the PK70 and its numerous personality blades. We have provided solutions to customers that leverage the ongoing list of features made available via the PK70; anywhere from simple data acquisition and data logging to fully architected, fully interactive web-app driven products. Please, visit our Netburner solutions site to learn more about some of our more recent works with the PK70. Kod Integrations has also built its foundations on years of experience in LabVIEW architectural design and development. A developed application can be as simple as a one-off custom GPIB-based instrument driver or as involved as a full on high-throughput manufacturing testing and tracking system. Recognizing the growing need for web-enabled instrumentation integration, we also bring to the table solid experience in Java based web application development. Technologies leveraged are HTML, XHTML, JSP, JSTL, CSS, Javascript, Struts, Java, JDBC and Hibernate. If you have any questions whatsoever or simply want to discuss your particular application, please feel free to contact us.

Micro Technology Services

MTSI is a full service NetBurner design firm. We have not only designed over a dozen different products with embedded NetBurner modules but also provide embedded hardware, software, PCB layout, and assembly solutions. MTSI has been helping companies develop products for over 21 years and has earned PC Magazine's Editor's Choice award for both hardware and software products. Applications using a web interface is one of our specialties.

Innovation Design and Solutions, Inc.

Innovation Design and Solutions provides electronic design and product development services with a unique perspective and results-oriented approach, offering turnkey product development or consultation with an in-house development team. Services include quick turn prototyping.

Innovative Software/Firmware Products, Inc.

Innovative Software/Firmware Products, Inc. specializes in software, hardware and firmware development for embedded products. Typical designs include: embedded hardware/firmware, FPGA and FPGA interface logic as well as PC based software for communicating with the embedded device. ISFP, Inc. works closely with clients and provides consulting, quick turn proof of concept prototyping as well as complete solutions. ISFP, Inc. has a wide range of experience in 8/16/32 bit micro controller hardware designs, designs with FPGAs and C/C++ firmware for embedded systems and Windows based products.

Ellison Software Consulting, Inc.

Founded in 1996, Ellison Software Consulting uses standards based technologies to provide software design and development services for the remote monitoring, control and configuration of internet-enabled devices and services. Ellison Software Consulting works with you to design your enterprise MIB modules and to implement SNMP applications- SNMPv3 Agents within the embedded NetBurner development environment and SNMPv3 management applications for the configuration and monitoring of your NetBurner devices and services. Decades of experience with SNMP applications and MIB design; Java and C/C++.

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