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Intelligent Processors

by ARM®

ARM processors remove the complexities of IoT with a complete IoT products and pre-integrated subsystems that enable customers and partners to rapidly design and deploy flexible IoT solutions.
ARM m7

Add Ethernet connectivity to an existing product, or use it as your product’s core processor.

The NetBurner Ethernet System-on-Module is a device containing everything needed for embedded IoT, edge computing or automation. Get the power and precision of real-time embedded processing, multi-tasking, network control and system monitoring. For a very low price point, solve the problem of network-enabling devices with 10/100 Ethernet, including those requiring digital, analog and serial interface, industrial protocols and Internet-based control and accessibility. Learn more about the benefits of working with NetBurner products.

The goal: Easily control, configure, or monitor almost any device using Ethernet over a Local Area Network (LAN), Wide-Area Network (WAN), or the Internet using an user defined interface.

The method: Create and deploy applications from your Mac or Windows PC. Get hands-on familiarity with the NetBurner platform by studying, building, and modifying source code examples.

The result: Interact and access devices from just about anywhere! Design to meet your platform needs for web, mobile, desktop and IoT, automation or Machine to Machine (M2M) applications.

Several modules are footprint and API compatible, enabling migration with minimal impact on the mother board hardware design. The SOM I/Os, are routed directly from the processor to the module I/O pins. Given the high performance of the core processor, external bus, and serial interfaces, the module series is well suited to be the core processor of an entire product. 

Adding peripherals is as simple as adding them to the bus and configuring the chip select to address the new peripheral. The serial ports offer high bandwidth and a rich feature set. The serial ports have partially full and partially empty interrupt capability, allowing the processor to service the ports with no interruption in data flow.

Popular Devices

Choose your System-on-Module

Part NumberVersionsMHzRAMFlashEthernetInterfaceDigital I/OFlash CardUART (hwhs)Data BusADCDACPWMI2CCANSPITimerOther
SOMRT1061 (i.MX RT1061 ARM M7)20052832MB8MB288 pin, 1.0mm pitch, 1.0″x1.0″, castellated PCB67Ready7 TTL (3)16, 880323336
MODM7AE70 (ARM M7)100 & 2003008MB2MB1Two 50-pin connectors53Ready7 TTL (3)161111232441-Wire SSI
MOD54417100 & 20025064MB32MB2Two 50-pin connectors42On Board8 TTL (2)1682542341-Wire, Single and Dual Ethernet
MOD54415100 & 20025064MB32MB1Two 50-pin connectors42On Board8 TTL (2)1682542341-Wire, Single and Dual Ethernet
NANO5441520025064MB8MB152-pin Mini PCI express connector30Ready8 TTL (3)062842341-Wire SSI
MOD5270100 & 200147.58MB512KB1Two 50-pin connectors47Ready3 TTL (3)320001017
MOD5234100 | 200 | 1588147.58MB2MB1Two 50-pin connectors49Ready3 TTL (2)160001115eTPU
MOD52131006632MB256KB1Two 20-pin connectors333 TTL (1)08081114Non-network

What our System on Module users are doing

Energy and Power

NetBurner provides connectivity over nearly the entire energy industry. Our users rely on Industrial temperature ranges and long-term reliability in extreme environments. 

NASA - aerospace and SATCOM

Aerospace and SATCOM

NetBurner helps engineers deliver mission critical, reliable and rugged solutions for numerous aerospace, defense and Satellite Communications (SATCOM) applications.

Connected Health

The health and medical industry demands high data security, accurate timing, and reliability. Connecting with the latest smart devices and user interfaces enables new ways to care for patients.


NetBurner In Flight

NetBurner in Flight

Ground and airborne tracking platforms maintain a communications link “For many networked consumer products, a Raspberry Pi is a popular option; however, for timing-critical or

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