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Development Kit Quick Start Guides

The NetBurner Network Development Kit (NNDK) is designed as a complete development platform for NetBurner hardware platforms. This Quick Start guide will assist with the installation of the NetBurner development tools, hardware configuration, and running the default factory application.

To Begin Using Your NetBurner Module

The Quick Start guides for each product model number in the menu will walk you though the installation and setup process in detail. The overall procedure is as follows:

  • Select the link for your particular platform in the Select Platform section
  • Install NetBurner development tools
  • Assemble the module and carrier board
  • Configure carrier board jumpers if necessary
  • Connect the module to your network with the included Ethernet cable
  • Power the module either by USB or the optional external power supply
  • Use one of the setup utilities to identify the IP address of the module

Once you have the hardware up and running you can interact with the factory application pre-installed on the module.

For development, the next step is to view the development kit documentation located in the \docs directory of your installation. For revision 2.x tools the default is: \nburn\docs\eclipse. For revision 3.x tools the default is \nburn\docs\NetBurner.