Software Libraries

A robust set of software to meet your needs

Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) based on uC/OS

Applicable Platforms: All

The uC/OS RTOS is a preemptive multitasking real-time operating system designed to be very efficient and full featured, providing rapid real-time response and a small footprint. You can easily create and manage multiple tasks and communicate between tasks with the intuitive API. The RTOS is integrated with the I/O system to make communication with the other system components, such as the TCP/IP Stack, quick and easy.

  • Based on uC/OS
  • Real-time preemptive multitasking operating system
  • Semaphores, Mail Boxes, Message Queues, FIFOs, Mutexs and Timers
  • Stack Checking
  • Task Debugging Tools
  • The I/O system is integrated with the RTOS

Also see the Comparing RTOS to Infinite Loop Designs application note

For more information on programming with NetBurner’s RTOS, please see the NetBurner RTOS section of our Programmers Guide.

NetBurner Standard TCP/IP Stack (NBSS)

Applicable Platforms: Network Standard

The NBSS was written by NetBurner to be high performance TCP/IP stack for embedded applications. The stack is integrated with the RTOS, Web Server and I/O system, to enable easy development of network applications. The NBSS is available on hardware platforms with more than 128K of RAM. For an in-depth look at the NBSS, please see the Network Protocols section of our Programmers Guide.

The following protocols are supported:

  • AES
  • FTP Client and Server
  • HTTP with dynamic content
  • ICMP
  • IGMP (multicast)
  • IP
  • POP3
  • PPP
  • SMTP
  • SNMP V1 (sold separately)
  • SSL, SSH, HTTPS (sold separately)
  • Statistics Collection
  • TCP
  • Telnet
  • UDP

Note: This is not currently available in 3.0.

NetBurner Single Chips TCP/IP Stack (NBSC)

Applicable Platforms: Network Single Chip

The NBSC was written by NetBurner to run on hardware platforms with extremely small amounts of RAM. The NBSC is currently only available on the SBL2e hardware platform. Although released as a Serial-to-Ethernet platform, the SBL2e is perfect for those applications with requirements for less than 10 network sockets and a limited number of tasks. For an in-depth look at the NBSC please see the SBL2e Programmers Guide.

NOTE: The SBL2e series development kits do not include a graphical debugger.

The following protocols are supported:
  • ARP
  • DNS
  • HTTP
  • TCP
  • UDP

Embedded Web Server

Applicable Platforms: Network Standard, Network Single Chip

The NetBurner web server is integrated with the TCP/IP stack and RTOS, enabling you to quickly develop dynamic web pages and content.
  • Simply provide your HTML, images, Flash or JAVA classes in an html directory and the development tools will automatically integrate them into the application.
  • Supports dynamic HTML, function calls and variables
  • Supports Forms, Cookies and Passwords
  • Extensive examples to show you how to get the most out of your web server and take advantage of modern web technologies.
  • For more information on web programming with NetBurner modules, please see the section HTML Processing in our Programmers Guide.

Embedded Flash File System (EFFS)

Applicable Platforms: Network Standard

The FAT12/16/32 flash file system gives developers the flexibility to store and exchange data through on-board flash chips (power fail safe), SD flash cards, compact flash cards (CFC), and/or Multi-Media Cards(MMC). Additional features include bad block management and wear leveling. NetBurner provides a standard API, complete C++ based source code, drivers, and ample examples to get started. Please see the EFFS section of our Programming Guide for more information. Use of the EFFS with SD Flash cards requires exclusive use of the QSPI bus.

Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)

Applicable Platforms: Network Standard

The Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) module enables network communications through a direct serial link or modem. The development kit includes an example application that can dial in to an ISP or receive incoming calls to establish a PPP connection.

Optional Software Packages

Applicable Platforms: Network Standard

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL/SSH/HTTPS)

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypts and secures data for transmission over the Internet or local network. Please see the NetBurner SSL/TLS & SSH page for additional information.



Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a system for exposing a number of variables to a Network Management System. These variables are grouped together into SNMP MIB’s (Management Information Bases).