Embedded IP Product Licensing


Cost-effective solution for custom designs


Evaluate One of Our Powerful Development Kits

Purchase one of our easy to use Embedded IoT Development Kits that include all the hardware, software, development tools and support needed to create your product design. Kits start at $99 with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Create your Hardware Design

We provide a proven reference design to get you started quickly and you sign a no-cost license agreement and purchase 1 year of license support (additional years are optional). The license agreement stipulates that you will use a small boot chip in your design, purchased from NetBurner.

Sell and Scale-Up with Our Single-Boot Embedded Chips

Have Unlimited Access to our Intellectual Property (IP) when you continue to buy our ready-to-use, fully licensed, single-boot embedded chips to power your custom products and devices.

A Simple Approach to Licensing for Highly Customized Designs

At NetBurner, one way we accelerate innovation is through our low-cost, user-friendly, success-oriented, Intellectual Property (IP) licensing model. We understand that customers can be size, weight, or cost constrained and can’t always use our standard off-the-shelf SOM PCBs. Our licenses easily enable the use of our fully-embedded chip-only products so you can optimize and get all the design freedom you need.

For product teams that need a turn-key experience leave it up to our in-house embedded engineers to provide a design solution that meets your requirements. Read more about our Custom Embedded Design Services here.


A Low-Cost Integrated License Lets You Focus on Selling and Succeeding!

ONLY $3675!

Licensing fee includes 1 year of NetBurner’s in-house engineering technical support.


  • Chips boot immediately in production, reducing production costs
  • Chips provide a recovery mechanism –  can recover from any type of software or configuration errors
  • Cut the out packaging from our standard PCB platform while keeping our acclaimed fully embedded stack and RTOS
  • Easily design whatever hardware and peripherals you want around our embedded system platform
  • Fit your exact requirements and nothing more
  • Accelerate product development and reduce costs and risk
  • No “Big Brother” license agreement, oversight, or audits
  • Partner with a trusted leader in embedded networking and IoT for over 20 years

Our Line of Integrated License Embedded Single-Boot Chip Products:

  • MOD54415: NXP Coldfire© System-on-Module
  • MODM7AE70: ARM Cortex-M7 System-on-Module
  • NANO54415: NXP Coldfire System-on-Module
  • More Chip-Only NetBurner Platforms to Come!

NetBurner Gets You Working with the Technology You Trust

ARM embedded computing technology
Microchip technologies embedded chip
NXP embedded chips

A common use case for the NetBurner license agreement is when a team needs to heavily integrate our products and solutions into a highly-optimized embedded design. Many times this is a great long-term solution for product teams and helps them get off the ground, scaled-up, and through the development and product life-cycle more efficiently and with much lower risk. 

Our license agreement includes rights to the hardware design, TCP/IP Stack, Web Server, RTOS, Debug Monitor, IDE, and end user utilities such as AutoUpdate and IPSetup that allow you to update flash memory remotely and configure your network device through the network. You even get access to our schematic and layout design files to give you a super-charged head start and the confidence of using a proven design.

With a NetBurner Multiple Product Site License You Have Rights To:

  • Build your own hardware using NetBurner hardware, software, & tools
  • Build unlimited products
  • No recurring development seat costs
  • Includes source code, schematics, & layout design files
  • A convenient & reliable single vendor solution
  • Complete support from people who know your hardware & software

Have questions about licensing?

Let us know at sales@netburner.com, or submit your request with this form.