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About Us

state of california

Established in 1998

San Diego, CA

“Between rockets, robotic cars, flying drones, and bitcoin receipt printers…I’m endlessly amazed by the innovative projects our team members are able to create with our products. It’s never a dull day at NetBurner!”

Brittni Dunnigan
Netburner office
Netburner HQ, San Diego, CA

Origins of Netburner

NetBurner’s founders, Tom Kenney and Paul Breed (@unrocket), kicked off the company from different ends of the continent. The board design and software department (Paul) ran out of a “remote” home-office in rural New Hampshire while the operations and production department (Tom) ran out of a top of the line home garage in San Diego, California. Transferring a project over dial-up could easily take 12 hours. So why did this motley transcontinental team risk a cushy corporate embedded-engineering job to start their own business?

It was becoming clear that this Internet thing was taking off and that there was real demand for an off the shelf embedded TCP stack. Many engineers looking to network-enable their hardware found that they just didn’t have the time or resources to develop a reliable custom embedded TCP stack which also required expensive tools and software licenses. NetBurner’s mission then became to provide high-quality yet affordable network-enabling technology products for process engineers and developers. As bootstrapped entrepreneurs, Tom and Paul also wanted to empower customers with an easy set-up and handy tools that accelerate product development, reduce risk, and support scalability.

Product Development at Heart

Whether you want to design your own hardware or need an off the shelf solution, NetBurner development kits and products provide a single source for the software, hardware, tools, and support to develop a finished product. Kits includes source for our real-time operating system (RTOS), TCP/IP stack, C/C++ compiler and debugger, Eclipse IDE, over 100 example applications, and an embedded hardware module. 

Whether this is your first network application, or you are an experienced network programmer, you can be Networking in One Day! NetBurner standard products are complete network solutions that can be designed into your product. We also provide custom OEM design and manufacturing services to suit any application


Our Dream

Tom, Paul, and the NetBurner team are super proud of the quality, ease of use, flexibility, durability, and support that is associated with our family of products. NetBurner is where it is today thanks to all of the amazing people, applications, and companies that we’ve served. In a time of massive growth in connected embedded devices, cloud computing, AI, sensor fusion, and the Internet of Things, we find it thrilling to be one of the enabling technologies that helps you realize your goals and dreams.