• NetBurner

    Add network capability to your
    new or existing products!


    Serial to Ethernet Servers network-enable serial devices out of the box - no programming or development is required.

    Core Modules solve the problem of network enabling devices, including those requiring digital, analog and serial control.

    Development Kits are used to customize any aspect of operation including web pages, data filtering, or custom network applications.

  • Serialto Ethernet

    Small, low-cost, serial device servers. No programming required.

    SBL2e XA Serial to Ethernet Server

    Access serial, analog, or digital I/O data over Ethernet!

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  • EthernetCore Modules

    with up to 32MB FLASH and 64MB RAM

    NANO54415 Ethernet Core Module

    Add Ethernet connectivity to an existing product, or use it as your products core processor.

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  • DevelopmentKits

    The fastest way to develop an
    embedded product

    Need a custom solution?

    NetBurner Development Kits are available to customize any aspect of operation including web pages, data filtering, or custom network applications.

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Mobile Controlled LED Light Strip

Here at NetBurner, we love coming up with cool projects to show of some of the devices we've built, and there's not much out there that is cooler than LED light strips. In this video, we demonstrate just how easy it is to set up a platform independent, mobile ready control panel that allows you to use an LED strip from any sort of mobile device or computer.


RoHS Compliance
NetBurner products are RoHS compliant.

Made in the USA
Designed and built in, San Diego, CA.

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6 Reasons to Choose NetBurner

Complete Solutions

We provide all the hardware, firmware, software, and tools you need to develop an embedded network product.

Save Time and Money

You receive a fully tested solution. There are no compilers to configure or code to port, so you can begin writing your application immediately.

Remote Control

You can use the Web Server capability to allow monitoring and control through any standard web browser software, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. A "virtual front panel" with dynamic text and graphics can be created and operated without custom client side applications.

Network Speed

High speed network data transmission rates using proven TCP/IP and UDP protocols.

Network Connectivity

Your product can be monitored, controlled, or updated from anywhere you choose on a local area network or the Internet.


Our prompt email support provides excellent results. Support requests are typically responded to within 24-48 hours.