New Release: NetBurner NNDK 2.6.4


NetBurner NNDK 2.6.4 beta is here! If you have a current software and support account, this is a free upgrade for you. Please note that NNDK 2.6.3, has been elevated to stable status. If your support account subscription has expired, you may need to renew your support agreement.

Read the full release notes after the break.

RELEASE 2.6.4 (November 2013)

New in this version

  • Examples
    • Added PIT timer for the SBL2E
    • Adding wav_player examples to NANO54415 and MOD5441X platforms
  • PK70
    • PK70–232CR, –485CR, and -MMSCR devices now supported by secure factory app
  • Serial
    • Added SerialSendComplete(), which will check to see if all serial characters are sent
  • System
    • Added task time logging feature. To enable it, the system library needs to be compiled with the macro UCOS_TIME defined in constants.h
    • Adding support in uc/os for handling OS_TCBs changing in size without recompiling debug Ethernet drivers. Allows for using stack checking with the debug driver

Corrections in this version

  • MCF5441X
    • Fixed so that chip select mask values for DSPIInit did matches their description and behavior of the qspi driver
    • Fixed multi channel i2c driver to not rely on DEFAULT_I2C_MODULE definition by replacing calls such as i2cinit with multichannel_i2cinit calls internally.
  • MOD5441X
    • Fixed pin_irq class error on IRQ6
    • Modified pinio class to reflect hardware revision changes (J1–9/10, J2–17/18)
  • SBL2e
    • Documentation updated to more clearly state the 768 stack size value represents 32-bit values, not bytes.
    • Fixed TCP Buffered connect error not clearing error variable
  • SNMP
    • Fixed error reporting issues
    • Fixed getNext with null OID
    • Fixed too big error so errors are properly reported and system does not hang
  • System
    • WriteHtmlVariable() fixed. Was writing last byte of MAC address incorrectly
    • Fixed problem with incomplete transfers of static web resources
    • Fixed DHCP discover on fast boot with lossy networks
  • TCP
    • Fixed scheduling issues with TCP which caused 1 tick busy waits in lower priority tasks
  • WIFI
    • Fixed error in AddWifiInterfaceWithName() which could case flash corruption with erratic power

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