NetBurner in the Field: Sirus Solar DS-201 Solar Monitor

Sirus Solar

 NetBurner’s goal is to enable innovation and engineering solutions with our easy to use and powerful system on modules, embedded IoT development kits, and turnkey serial to Ethernet devices. We make it easy to prototype and scale rugged, viable products for using in industrial, commercial, consumer and aerospace applications. This post highlights the work that Sirus Solar does with their DS-201 Solar Monitor and NetBurner serial to Ethernet servers.

The Sirus Solar DS-201 is a small web server designed to interface with the Morningstar Tristar TS-45, TS-60, TS-MPPT-45, TS-MPPT-60 and the SunSaver SS-MPPT-15L solar charge controllers. It collects detailed data from the charge controller using the Modbus protocol, enabling you to monitor system operation and performance from any internet connection.

Sirus Solar access from phone
Monitor system status from your phone

The DS-201 also offers great functionality with a small footprint, low 90ma power draw, and no monthly monitoring fees. At no extra cost, the product also provides users secured and private internet access to their system’s real-time data and status through a handy web-based interface.

According to Sirus Solar “We have many requests for product enhancements and pilot projects from around the world, some of which are already in the works. Here are a few testimonials from users of our product. One user from a wireless company in Arizona has 10 of our units monitoring their Wi-Fi installations.”

The Sirus Solar DS-201 is a perfect example of leveraging NetBurner’s Serial to Ethernet Servers, with their industrial temperature range, and web server and Modbus protocol capabilities. We are especially excited to see Sirus Solar also leverage NetBurner hardware to develop a great custom web application which checks charging status from a mobile or desktop device! It makes us at NetBurner thrilled to see how our products enable others to make a greener, more efficient world.

Check their website for video demonstrations, support and purchasing information.

Here’s our full line of Serial to Ethernet Web Servers:

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