NetBurner Class at the MICROCHIP® Worldwide Masters Conference 2018


NetBurner is proud to offer two in-depth classes at the MICROCHIP® 22nd Annual Worldwide MASTERS Conference. Better yet, this hands-on workshop utilizes our latest ARM-Powered Ethernet System-on-Module! We will use our products to dive into the ins and outs of debugging networking issues from the field. This is an event with lots to offer and one to not miss!

Class Number: 22087 IoT9 : Debugging Techniques for IoT Devices – Small Things on a Big Network

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Abstract: Tales from 20 years of IoT in the real world: how to ensure your network attached device works in the field, not just your lab. Your IoT application is complete and you have turned it loose in the real world Internet. But soon you realize there are a multitude of failure modes that can occur. How can you determine what is wrong and recover? This class will demonstrate typical failure modes and methods to recover learned from over 20 years of hard lessons and late nights. Each participant will have an IoT application running on a NetBurner development system utilizing the Microchip SAME70 ARM® M7 microcontroller. The application will exchange data with a server on the Internet using POST/GET with JSON objects in a typical network environment behind a NAT router. After demonstrating the application is working, the presenter will then fail or change different aspects of the network topology and the class participants will be asked to diagnose what is wrong. This will be accomplished by adding diagnostic elements to the application in order to identify what has changed or failed. At the end, the presenter will distribute a list of the induced failures and suggested strategies for detecting these failures. Note: This class will be taught by a representative from NetBurner.

Hands-on Lab, 1.75 hrs

Our classes are on Aug 23 @ 1:15pm and Aug 24 @ 1:15pm

Conference runs from August 20 – 25, 2018

Phoenix, Arizona, JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort

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