Build an Ethernet enabled Arduino with LCD display for under $50

lcd display

If your prototype needs to communicate over Ethernet, adding a serial to Ethernet server is a quick low-cost solution. There’s a good chance that your Arduino has a spare TX UART pin, so why not put it to good use?

Bill of Material (BOM)

This project is dead simple, but first you have to find the following parts.

Which NetBurner parts can I use?

Any programmable NetBurner part with a serial port will work, but we’ll use the SBL2e (100 version) in this example. We’ll only need one TX pin for this example.

NetBurner Part Number:

Pick one of these Serial LCD Panels:

There are tons of options out there. The example code will focus on the Sparkfun part.

Part Number: LCD-10097

Part Number: 782

Build Serial LCD (if necessary)


All the instructions you need to build the LCD can be found on the Sparkfun Serial Enabled LCD Kit page.

Connect the Serial LCD to NetBurner

This project is dead simple, but first you have to find the following: Find an unused serial transmit pin on the NetBurner Module, and a source for 3.3V power and ground.

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