MTTTY Download


Multi-Threaded TTY (MTTTY) is an easy to use serial terminal utility that you can use to communicate with the RS-232 serial ports on your device or development kit. It is multi-threaded in that you can run multiple instances of MTTTY for each serial port.

AutoUpdate (Windows)

The NetBurner AutoUpdate download for Windows. Get the OSX version here.

Read more about our deployment tools including AutoUpdate here.

IP Setup

IPSetup is a Windows program used to configure NetBurner hardware through a network connection. Running IPSetup will automatically identify your NetBurner device (even if its IP address is

Virtual COMM Port Driver (Windows 7 – 10)

Download the popular Virtual COMM Port Driver for use with NetBurner modules. Add a virtual serial port to your computer and interact with legacy applications or hardware using a modern PC.