Product Kit Add-On Boards


Modular and easy to implement add-on boards provide powerful additional functionality to the NetBurner Product Kit PK70 EX. Add to cart here or click link to see details and volume pricing.


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Add-on Boards for the NetBurner Network Product Kit PK70EX

Add-on Board Options:

  1. Have NetBurner Prototype and Produce a Board
  2. Use a Pre-Built Add-on Board
    • CPLD board
    • ADC/DAC/GPIO board
    • FPGA board
    • NTP/GPS board
    • Quad UART with support for RS-232/422/485 board
  3. Design your own Add-on Board

Pre-Built Add-on Blade Boards

Part NumberAdd-On Board TypeSpecial Features
NBPKX500-100CR FPGA Board- Programmable Xilinx Spartan 3E FPGA
- High-density 62-pin connector
NBPKBM-100CR Multi I/O Board- Eight 12-bit analog-to-digital inputs
- Two 16-bit digital-to-analog outputs
- 16 digital I/O
NBPKBD-100CR Programmable Xilinx Digital I/O Board- Programmable Xilinx CPLD
- 32 digital I/O
NBPKBG-100CR NTP Timer Server with GPS Board- Network Time Protocol (NTP) server
- Precision GPS time reference
NBPKBP-100CR Prototype Board- Create your own Personality Blade
NBPKBU-232CR Quad UART (RS-232) Board- Network enable up to 4 RS-232 serial devices
NBPKBU-485CR Quad UART (RS-422/485) Board- Network enable up to 4 RS-422/485 serial devices
NBPKBU-MMSCR Quad UART (RS-232/422/485) Board- Network enable up to 4 RS-232/422/485 serial devices


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