Serial-Enabled Web Server Development Kit


Send email, generate custom web pages, send and receive network data.

The NetBurner PINK70 and 70LC Modules adds web server capability to your microcontroller enabling it to communicate over a network or even the Internet. It supports over 100 web-accessible variables, allowing for dynamic web pages. Features include a ftp web server for web pages and files, sending e-mail, UDP messages to alert you to events or provide status messages, and much more. Communication with the host controller is done using a simple TTL serial interface.


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  • 2 Serial Ports
  • Web Based Configuration
  • Customize with development kit


Comparison Table

Part NumberCreates Applications for the Listed PlatformsTCP/IP StackSSL/TLS and SSHSNMP OptionWireless OptionIDE Graphical Debugger
NNDK-PINK-KITPINK70 100 VersionStandard Network Platform
NNDK-PINKLC-KITPINK70LC 100 VersionStandard Network Platform


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