Legacy Development Kits


Products in the legacy section are in the mature stage of their life cycle but are still have an active status. There are currently no plans to discontinue these devices.

NetBurner Development Kits are available to customize any aspect of operation including web pages, data filtering, or custom network applications. The kits include all the hardware and software you need to build your embedded application.

Our legacy Serial to Ethernet devices are fully supported and available to established customers requiring product continuity. For those seeking to start new projects or products we recommend using our newer sister products which typically offer more features and better value.

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Legacy MOD5282 Datasheet 5995 downloads

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Legacy SB70 Datasheet 1779 downloads

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SB70LC Datasheet 3767 downloads

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Comparison Table

Part NumberCreates Applications for the Listed PlatformsTCP/IP StackSSL/TLS and SSHSNMP OptionWireless OptionIDE Graphical DebuggerNext Gen
NNDK-MOD5282-KITMOD5282 100 & 200 VersionStandard Network PlatformNNDK-MOD54415LC-KIT
NNDK-SB70LC-KITSB70 LCStandard Network PlatformNNDK-SBE70LC-KIT
NNDK-SB70-KITSB70 100 VersionStandard Network PlatformNNDK-SBE70LC-KIT


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