Upgrading Your Projects With NNDK 3.3

NNDK 3.3 Tools Upgrade

The Latest Tools Are In

Summer is officially here, and with it comes a brand new update to our tools, which we affectionately call NNDK 3.3. Unique, we know. Interested in learning more? Grab a nice cold beverage and settle in while we review what this new update has to bring. Prefer to skip the fluff and head straight to the goods? Our official release notes can be found on our support site here.

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New Examples in NNDK 3.3

With this release, we really wanted to expand what we offer in terms of examples. Nothing screams new shiny toy like a brand new projects to dig into.

In addition to several platform specific examples, which are listed down below, we have also added several general examples that will work for any platform. For instance, we’ve added a new onboard certificate generation example, which demonstrates how your devices can automatically generate self-signed certificates for encrypted communications. We’ve also added examples for all modules that cover various time functions, and another that shows how to use stack protection.

New NNDK 3.3 examples are like getting presents on Christmas!
New Examples? Yes please!

New MOD5441X Examples

  • Pulse Generator Counter
  • Pit Timer
  • External Irq example that generates interrupts from a pin
  • Effs SDHC
  • CAN to Serial
  • RTC On Chip
  • DSPI to Serial
  • DSPI Multiple Devices
  • External Irq 7
  • I2C Address Scan
  • Rapid GPIO
  • RTC External
  • PicKit I2C Serial Demo

New MODM7AE70 Examples

  • GPIO example, a simple guide to utilizing GPIO on the MODM7
  • External IRQ example to generate interrupts from a pin
  • Timer Output timer
  • Timer Capture timer
  • CAN
  • I2C
  • RTC External

SSL/TLS Upgrade

We’re very proud to announce that we have integrated wolfSSL into our SSL/TLS library. This change re-implements some functionality we had previously lost in regard to session tickets. It also adds several new features that will make your applications easier to write and maintain, while at the same time enhancing their overall security. Finally, it allows us to lay the groundwork for future improvements. We’ve given this feature all the attention it deserves in a separate article here.

Wolf SSL Logo

Additional NNDK 3.3 Updates

You might be asking, “The NNDK 3.3 release isn’t all examples and security, is it?” Of course not! We’ve also added full support for underflow and overflow stack checking on our ARM and Coldfire devices, as well as a new I2C class. For those looking for more control on device shutdown, we’ve written new shutdown hooks, NBApproveShutdown(), and NBFaultNotify(). We’ve extended our NBString class’s functionality by adding support for the find() method, which behaves just like the C++ Standard Library string method of the same name. Finally, we’ve included a Get_msec() that will tell you the milliseconds since the device started.

As with all of our releases, we’ve also fixed a number of nagging bugs and issues. For a full list of these that are addressed in NNDK 3.3, as well as all of our additional and changes updates, please see the full release notes on our support site.

Wrapping Up

Haven’t taken the plunge yet on a NetBurner development kit? It’s a big decision, and we get it! You can find more information on our development kits here, including a detailed comparison between them.

We always love to get feedback (good or bad), so if you have any questions, comments, or complaints, feel free to let us know in the comment section below, or email us directly at sales@netburner.com.

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