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To complement our new ARM based system-on-module and an extensive update to our development tools, system libraries, and custom built, highly optimized RTOS, we thought we’d also announce our brand new website! You’re invited to check out and shop at our newly designed online experience at Not only did we feel that it was time for a bit of a visual “nip and tuck”, but we decided that we needed to provide a significantly improved user experience. The new site combines our learn blog, informational pages, product catalog, and best of all, our online store! This is just the beginning of our plans to offer a more enjoyable, easier and cohesive online experience.

Our web redesign has been a long time in the making and was driven by a desire for aesthetic and functional improvements. We firmly believe that our products need to be easy to use, efficient, and fun — so why not apply this credo to our website and online store? After conducting a detailed team and customer survey, we were able to better identify and design around areas that needed some super charging. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

One of the biggest user gripes was having the blog and product catalog on our main site,, and then discretely hosting our store for product purchasing at a different site. The amalgamation of these two distinct sites into a unified multipurpose site is, perhaps, our most significant change with this new release.

Let’s run through a few of the most poignant updates:

  • The union of our main NetBurner site and the online store.
    • Find the information and products you need faster.
  • Cleaner layouts and a fresh new look.
  • User Accounts: Your user account and history has been securely migrated to the new website.
    • You can access, view and update your account information and history from
    • For your first login your will need reset your password from the reset form.
    • Contact us if you would like help accessing, updating or deleting your records or personal data.
  • Online Purchases and Payments:
    • We still take all major credit cards and securely process them.
    • You can also use your PayPal account directly if you prefer.
  • Shopping:
    • Use the “Products” navigation item at the top of all of our pages to shop any of our product lines. Select your product and checkout straight from the product page or from your cart.
    • We now provide a full featured shopping cart and checkout process from our main website.
    • Your shopping cart will be saved until your browser cookie is cleared. No personal information is stored with these cookies (3 total).
  • Learn Blog:
    • All the same goodness as the old blog but with a more fun and responsive layout.
    • Improved commenting, discussion notifications and comment voting.
  • Feature Request Form:
    • Go ahead and share your NetBurner hopes, dreams, wishes and even frustrations. Fill in our form whenever you like so that we know what else you need from our products and services.
  • Contact Form:
    • Have a random or general question? Don’t feel like using email, our Support Portal or calling? Our contact form is just right for you!
  • Documentation:
    • NEW NetBurner 3.0 Docs: With our release of the new NetBurner ARM-powered platform and the 3.0 software and firmware, we have a whole new set of documentation using the Doxygen framework.
    • NetBurner 2.8 Docs: Don’t worry if you are a devoted NetBurner 2.8 user. Our documentation and downloads are still available, but with a new, shinier interface.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our new website. Take a tour around and come back to this post and share your comments. If you are more of a private type, feel free to use our contact form or even use our new feature request form. Go ahead and tell us if there are any other features you’d like to see and we’ll consider it for our backlog!

We would also like to take a moment and offer a shoutout to thank our friends at Start Anywhere Media for their work in bringing our personality and culture to life through their creative and professional efforts in what has to be one of the smoothest transitions in modern history. Thank you!!

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3 thoughts on “Metamorphic Website Makeover!

  1. old website was better when you knew what you were looking for,. Specifically looking for schematic of a development kit and before it was easy to find the pdf, now it is almost impossible. I found it on one of my archive drives but in today’s internet world, you download latest using website. This is a step backwards though not a very much used feature.

    1. Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to send us the feedback. We’ve done our best to make sure that all of the documents are available in the same general location that they were on the original site (the schematic for the MOD-DEV-70CR is available under the documents tab on the product page for the MOD5441X, for example), but we were unable to keep the same URL structure, and it’s entirely possible that we missed one. If you have any trouble finding anything specifically or have some suggestions, please feel free to contact us at

    2. Hello Bill.
      Without knowing the exact one you are looking for here are two likely choices:

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