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  • Serial to Ethernet
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  • Network Time Server
  • Wireless Shields
  • Serial-Enabled Web Server
  • Product Licensing
NetBurner Ethernet System-on-Module with Embedded Processing and IO


NetBurner System-on-Modules allow you to quickly and easily create an embedded product, create a network-enabled product, or add network connectivity to an existing product. These modules can be used as the main processor or as a secondary network co-processor. NetBurner System-on-Modules are meant to be placed onto an end product's circuit board as a daughter card. The processor I/O are available through a standard header or mini PCI Express connector.

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Serial to Ethernet

One of the toughest challenges faced in today's evolving market is network connectivity for legacy serial devices. To satisfy this need, NetBurner has developed a complete series of serial to Ethernet servers. The NetBurner serial to Ethernet server is ready to run right out of the box with no programming. Start by connecting your serial device and Ethernet network. The initial setup, configuration, and diagnostic programs are easily accessed via the web page interface or included network utilities.

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NetBurner Ethernet to Serial Devices Serial to Ethernet servers
Maker and Prototype Development Kits with Emebeded Processing, Ethernet and IO for the Internet of Things

Development Kits

Our development kits include everything you need to implement your product, including hardware, software, and tools. The kits have a common set of features that allow you to write applications for all the standard and custom hardware configurations.

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Network Product Kit

The Ethernet Network Product Kit or PK70 combines the design of a finished product, the flexibility of a network module, and the power of the NetBurner development suite into a ready to use platform for use in both prototype or production. The primary advantage of the PK70 is that the electronics are in a professional grade enclosure with a power supply.

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Network Product Kits by NetBurner Serial to Ethernet Server and Embedded Processing Product Kit
Network Time Servers NTP NetBurner NTP servers

Network Time Server

The NetBurner Network Time Server uses the Network Time Protocol (NTP) to enable host devices on your network maintain accurate time. Timing is synchronized to information received from GPS satellites. Once plugged in and configured, all network devices can be set to get their time from the NetBurner Network Time Server.

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Wireless Shields

With the NetBurner 80211b/g/n Wi-Fi Solution installed, your NetBurner Ethernet Module enabled device can have both Ethernet and wireless communication active at the same time. The software programming is minimal; once you add the second network interface, your network and web server communication will be routed automatically.

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Wireless 802.11 b/g/n addon shields NetBurner Wireless 802.11 b/g/n add-on shields

Serial-Enabled Web Server

The NetBurner Serial-Enabled SSL Web Server adds secure web server capability to your microcontroller enabling it to communicate over a network or even the Internet. It supports over 100 web-accessible variables, allowing for dynamic webpages. Features include a ftp web server for web pages and files, sending e-mail, UDP messages to alert you to events or provide status messages, and much more. Communication with the host controller is done using a simple TTL serial interface.

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Serial enable web server by NetBurner NetBurner Serial Enabled Web Server

Product License

A license is ONLY required if you build your own processor hardware. If you use NetBurner standard hardware or have NetBurner build your custom hardware, there are no additional costs or license fees.

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