Live Packet Sniffing With an Embedded Module

Now Streaming!

SniPCAP is improved and now streaming!

As it was mentioned in the first article, SniPCAP had a lot of room to improve on. The following lists the basic functionalities of SniPCAP:

  • audit information
  • monitor bandwidth usage
  • diagnose problems or bottlenecks in the network
  • discover devices on the network
  • detect network intrusion through packet analysis
  • convert network traffic into a user readable format
  • log traffic

The previous version of SniPCAP was only a minimum product that temporarily captured a small amount of data; increased scalability and better usability was a necessity (more details on the first part of this project could be found here). This article shows the development of a more scalable product on the NetBurner Module.

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Packet Sniffing with an Embedded Module

Use of a packet sniffer in government agencies has always been a controversial topic. You might ask, “what is packet sniffing and what can it do?” A packet sniffer is a software or hardware tool that can intercept and log traffic on an Ethernet network.

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Insert Coin; Receive Bitcoin

This is the first of two posts about a Bitcoin vending machine I built while interning at NetBurner. Part 2 is more technical.

Bitcoin is cool. It's also kind of absurd – based on impossibly complex cryptography and hyped by libertarians and Reddit anarcho-capitalists,
the technology seems destined either to radically change our concepts of value and trust or to languish as a "magic internet currency" for nerds and drug dealers.

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Bitcoin Hash Functions and Printer Drivers

This is the second of two posts about a Bitcoin vending machine I built while working for NetBurner. Part 1 is more philosophical.

The logic of my Bitcoin vending machine is simple enough:

  1. Wait for a coin pulse
  2. Generate a new Bitcoin address
  3. Send coins from my address to the new one
  4. Print QR codes

And repeat. I used a thermal printer and a coin acceptor from Adafruit
and controlled them with NetBurner’s MOD5441x development kit. The source code for the whole project is on Bitbucket.

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How to affordably deploy network attached devices in the real world

If you have a network attached widget you want to put out into the world you will soon discover that deploying it is not as simple as you might think. You will discover that every business has a different standard or setup of how to setup the network. If individual deployment/installation requires a skilled technician to install and debug, this will severely limit your market penetration.

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Sparkfun TMP102 Temperature Sensor: Network and I2C connectivity with a NetBurner Device

This article will demonstrate how to interface a NetBurner device to the Sparkfun TMP102 temperature sensor using the I2C communication bus. The temperature readings can be read through the serial port of the NetBurner device, and will also be visible on the device’s web page. The web page will use Ajax (a type of javascript) to continuously update the reading without reloading the web page.

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