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Epic Race at the Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Challenge 2017 – Part I

It’s amazing what can be done with a NetBurner Embedded Core Module, creativity, and some ingenuity. The digital and analog world can ALL be yours… or at least you can
do something super cool! At NetBurner we feel the annual SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Challenge (AVC) is a perfect opportunity to do something we as a team love – making robotic vehicles and putting the NetBurner products through some punishing field testing! A big shout out to SparkFun for making this their 9th annual event – its concentrated awesome on many levels.

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Epic Race at the Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Challenge 2017 – Part III

After a harrowing but somewhat successful first day of racing at the SparkFun VC 2017 I
needed to regroup and literally do some hacking. I spent the afternoon cannibalizing
some aluminum angle from one of the people working on the manned AVC car. I
hacksawed off a chunk, drilled and tapped here and there, added some strategic zip-ties
and repaired the broken bracket that was badly damaged in a collision earlier
that day on the white car. In general, the build and wiring quality of the
white car was better than for the black Car (I built the black car first). This
left me feeling pretty good about Sunday and I went out for a pre-race dinner
with my wife and my sisters-in-law. (One flew out with us, and the other lives
near Denver).

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