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Tag: blockchain

Insert Coin; Receive Bitcoin

This is the first of two posts about a Bitcoin vending machine I built while interning at NetBurner. Part 2 is more technical.

Bitcoin is cool. It's also kind of absurd – based on impossibly complex cryptography and hyped by libertarians and Reddit anarcho-capitalists,
the technology seems destined either to radically change our concepts of value and trust or to languish as a "magic internet currency" for nerds and drug dealers.

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Bitcoin Hash Functions and Printer Drivers

This is the second of two posts about a Bitcoin vending machine I built while working for NetBurner. Part 1 is more philosophical.

The logic of my Bitcoin vending machine is simple enough:

  1. Wait for a coin pulse
  2. Generate a new Bitcoin address
  3. Send coins from my address to the new one
  4. Print QR codes

And repeat. I used a thermal printer and a coin acceptor from Adafruit
and controlled them with NetBurner’s MOD5441x development kit. The source code for the whole project is on Bitbucket.

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