NetBurner Virtual COM Port
Easily Add Virtual Serial Ports to Your Computer!

Enable serial-based applications to communicate over a network connection through a virtual serial port on your PC, eliminating the need for a DB9 interface. Virtual Comm Port software is provided free with your NetBurner device purchase.

NetBurner VCOM capabilities allow you to:
  • Connect serial devices to computers without a physical COM port
  • Continue to use legacy serial hardware or software on new computers
  • Connect using Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi through internet or LAN
  • Easily set up and use a virtual COM port

Virtual COM Port with NetBurner

Recommended VCOM-Ready Devices

The following products are some of our most popular Serial-to-Ethernet (S2E) devices and are VCOM-ready straight out of the box! The table below is a partial list of features and capabilities. Click on each product link to get more detail. Alternatively, check out our prototype-friendly Development Kits for each platform.

SB800EX Wifi Serial to Ethernet Virtual Serial Port SB700EX Serial to Ethernet Virtual COM Port SB2Le X Serial to Ethernet Virtual Serial Port SB2Le EX Serial to Ethernet Virtual COM Port NANO Serial to Ethernet Core Processor Moule Virtual Serial Port SB70LC Serial to Ethernet Virtual COM Port SB2e Serial to Ethernet Virtual COM Port
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Part # SB800EX-JDDW-IR SB800EX-JDD-IR SBL2eX-100IR SBL2eXA-100IR NANO54415-200IR SB70LC-100IR SBL2e-100IR
Qty 1 *
$249.00 $189.00 $99.00 $99.00 $79.00 $59.00 $31.50
Option Option
DB9 Ports 2 2 1 1 (DB15) 0 0 0
UARTs 2 2 1 2 8 2 2
Baud Rate
921,600 921,600 115,200 115,200 115,200 230,000 115,200
Baud Rates
Clock Support
Op. Temp
-40 to 85C

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More About Our VCOM Products

The NetBurner Virtual COM Port is most commonly used with our Serial-to-Ethernet Devices, but will work with nearly any NetBurner product, except the MOD5213.

Plug and Play VCOM with the following NetBurner Product Lines:

For a full list of Serial to Ethernet (S2E) hardware please check out our Serial to Ethernet product comparison table. Device configuration options for a specific module can be found on each particular device's product page. Our amazingly versatile Ethernet Core Modules also support VCOM but with just a touch more setup than the S2E products. Check out our Ethernet Core Modules comparison table for more information. Our NANO54415 is both an S2E and Core Module and is also recommended, above, for VCOM applications.

Our VCOM software includes the Virtual COM driver software and the MTTTY serial terminal application which helps test and debug your virtual serial configurations from your PC. Serial-to-Ethernet devices are pre-programmed with the NetBurner Serial-to-Ethernet Application. For more information on the application click here.

Our "How to create a virtual COM port" article provides more details on the virtual comm port driver and utilities. It includes a tutorial on set up, a link to the driver, and an example tutorial on how to run legacy COM port-dependent software applications with only a USB port and Ethernet port at your disposal. Read our article about it by clicking below.

Read the Virtual COM Port Article

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