Low cost site licensing for custom designs

NOTE: A license is ONLY required if you build your own processor hardware. If you use NetBurner standard hardware or have NetBurner build your custom hardware, there are no additional costs or license fees.

The NetBurner license agreement includes rights to the hardware design, TCP/IP Stack, Web Server, RTOS, Debug Monitor, and end user utilities such as Autoupdate and IPsetup that allow you to update flash memory remotely and configure your network device through the network. The schematic and layout design files give you a great head start and the confidence of using a proven design.

With a NetBurner Multiple Product Site License You Have Rights To:
• Build your own hardware using NetBurner hardware, software, and tools
• Build unlimited products
• No recurring development seat costs
• Includes source code, schematics, and layout design files
• Single vendor solution
• Complete support from people who know your hardware and software

Download NetBurner License Datasheet and Price List

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