Embedded SSL/TLS and SSH
Security Suite Software Option

Add SSL/TLS & SSH capability to your NetBurner module in minutes!

The NetBurner SSH, SSL, and TLS Security Suite is a small footprint security solution for embedded network devices. This package enables data encryption to protect from unauthorized device monitoring, control, or configuration.

  • SSL/TLS is a cryptographic protocol that provides security and ensures data integrity for transmissions made over a TCP/IP network. It is primarily used to enable devices to serve secure web pages (HTTPS) over a local network or the Internet.
  • SSH enables data to be exchanged between two network devices over a secure channel— it’s a secure replacement for TELNET and other insecure remote shells.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) + TLS
The NetBurner SSL/TLS implementation was written from the ground up to provide high performance and a small memory footprint of approximately 90K bytes. The SSL/TLS module is integrated with the NetBurner TCP/IP stack and web server, enabling you to add secure web pages to your product with just a few function calls. Unlike 8-bit and 16-bit microcontrollers, the 32-bit NetBurner processor platforms can easily handle the demands of connecting and transmitting data using SSL. Authentication is achieved by using public key certificates, which require a functioning PKI (public-key infrastructure). You can setup a local trusted PKI or use one of the many trusted certificate authorities on the Internet, such as Thawte or VeriSign.

SSH (Secure Shell)
SSH enables secure data exchange between embedded network devices on a network or the Internet. It replaces TELNET and other insecure remote shells with a secure alternative. Server authentication (username and password) is required for security but the administrator can allow anonymous operation.

Key Points

  • TLS Version 1.2
  • Secure webpages with HTTPS
  • Secure data communications with SSL server and SSL client
  • SSL/TLS client and server certificates
  • Secure Shell (SSH) capability
  • Small footprint


  • SSL/TLS Key sizes from 128 to 2048 bits
  • SSH key sizes from 512 to 4096 bits
  • World-class technical support
  • Customize to suit any application with low-cost development kit

Example Code

  • Server for two serial ports with user authentification, certificate access, key access
  • Command processor with two serial ports
  • PEM encoded certificates and public/private key pairs (OpenSSH style)

Embedded SSL, SSH, & TLS Price

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NBLIC-SSL-MODULE Embedded SSL, SSH, & TLS Security Suite (Module License Version) $495 Buy Now!
NBLIC-SSL-PLATFORM Embedded SSL, SSH, & TLS Security Suite (Platform Site License Version) $5900 Buy Now!
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