NetBurner Legacy Development Kits

with everything you need to create custom applications from your Mac or Windows PC

NetBurner Development Kits are available to customize any aspect of operation including web pages, data filtering, or custom network applications. The kits include all the hardware and software you need to build your embedded application.

Note: A development kit or software upgrade is required for each NetBurner platform type. The purpose of development kit boards is to demonstrate the features and functions of our module products. Development kit boards should not be designed into your final product as they continuously change as new features are added to the module product line. We are willing to provide the design information to you if you wish to manufacture a particular development board revision on your own.

Choose your Legacy Development Kit

Part # Creates applications for the listed platforms TCP/IP Stack SSL/SSH Option SNMP Option Wireless Option IDE Gaphical Debugger Next Gen
NNDK-MOD5272-KIT MOD5272 100 Version Standard Network Platform NNDK-MOD54415LC-KIT
NNDK-MOD5282-KIT MOD5282 100 & 200 Version Standard Network Platform NNDK-MOD54415LC-KIT
NNDK-SB72-KIT SB72 301 Version
Standard Network Platform NNDK-SB70LC-KIT
NNDK-SB72EX-KIT SB72 EX 100 Version
Standard Network Platform NNDK-SB800EX-KIT
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