MOD5441X System-on-Module


Single & Dual Ethernet System-on-Module

Add Ethernet connectivity to an existing product, or use it as your products core processor.

The NetBurner Ethernet System-on-Module is a device containing everything needed for design engineers to add network control and to monitor a company’s communications assets. For a very low price point, this module solves the problem of network-enabling devices with 10/100 Ethernet, including those requiring digital, analog and serial control.

Just starting out? Try our MOD54415 or MOD54417 Development Kits!

Not seeing exactly what you need with this module, or are you looking for a custom solution? Check out our OEM Design Services and let us design the perfect part for you.



Part Change Notice


MOD5441X Product Change Notice 518.20 KB 1031 downloads

  • PCN 001: J2 connector pin-out change to expose USB signals & byte write steering signals fix
  • PCN 002: Ethernet interface independent mode port number change
  • PCN 003: MOD54417 Ethernet interface independent mode port number change
  • PCN 004: Add spread spectrum oscillator to reduce EMI
  • PCN 006: Replaced the CPU and Ethernet PHY oscillators, providing an option to enable spread spectrum mode for the CPU clock
  • PCN 009: Added additional flash memory chip qualification

Product Posts

NetBurner In Flight

NetBurner in Flight

Ground and airborne tracking platforms maintain a communications link “For many networked consumer products, a Raspberry Pi is a popular option; however, for timing-critical or

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Performance and Memory
Processor Family


Clock Speed

250 MHz


32 MB


64 MB

Device Connectivity

10/100 Mbps, Two 10/100 Mbps





Analog to Digital (ADC)




Digital to Analog (DAC)


External Data Bus

16 bit

External Address Bus

16 bit


42, plus 2 additional inputs



Timer I/O


SD/MMC Flash Card Ready


MicroSD Flash Card Ready


1-Wire Interface


Additional Peripherals
Pulse Width Modulator (PWM)


Physical Properties

2.95" x 2.00" (inches)

Module Properties
DC Input Voltage

3.3V @ 520mA typical

Temperature Range

Industrial (-40°C to 85°C)



MOD5441X Versions Available

, , , ,

Weight .1 lbs

Documents and Downloads

MOD5441X Online Guides

MOD54415 Quickstart Guide

MOD54417 Quickstart Guide

NNDK 3.X Quickstart Guide

NNDK 2.X Quickstart Guide

NNDK 3.X Documentation

MOD5441X Docs

    Development Kit


    NNDK Installation Notes 95.80 KB 2578 downloads


    Runtime Libraries 2.17 MB 2280 downloads

    Deployment Tools

      Application Notes

        Development Kits

        Embedded Ethernet Development Kit

        Powerful Hardware and Software that Makes Building Applications Easier

        In addition to a core module, board level product development kits include a development board, software and technical support. Desktop Software What makes NetBurner development kits different?

        • Every component including the hardware, software and developer tools is designed by NetBurner to work together seamlessly.
        • All development kits include world-class technical support.
        • Create and deploy applications from your Mac OS X 10.5+ or Windows XP/Vista/7 PC .
        • Get hands-on familiarity with the NetBurner platform by studying, building, and modifying ample source code examples.
        • Device applications can be written in C/C++ (or assembly language).
        • Includes Eclipse based IDE with graphical debugger. If you prefer using the command line, we include several source code examples with makefiles.
        • Includes royalty-free TCP/IP Stack, web server, Real-time OS (RTOS), and more. Although our software stack has a small memory footprint, you can include only what you need to free up additional memory or processing power.

        To learn more about the development board that is included with this kit or learn about the standard development kit features and software, please click on the buttons below.

        Note: Development kits are intended to be used for software development. If you wish to use a development board for prototyping or for limited production, you must purchase the MOD54415-100IR/MOD54417-100IR and MOD-DEV-70CR hardware separately.


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