Ethernet Core Modules

with High-Performance Connectivity Options

Add Ethernet connectivity to an existing product, or use it as your product’s core processor

The NetBurner Ethernet Core Module is a device containing everything needed for design engineers to add network control and to monitor a company's communications assets. For a very low price point, this module solves the problem of network-enabling devices with 10/100 Ethernet, including those requiring digital, analog and serial control.

Several modules are footprint and API compatible, enabling migration with minimal impact on the mother board hardware design. The ColdFire processor I/O, are routed directly from the processor to the module I/O pins. This makes the Freescale Semiconductor ColdFire Users Manual a complete reference to internal peripheral and I/O configuration registers. Given the high performance of the core processor, external bus, and serial interfaces, the module series is well suited to be the core processor of an entire product. Adding peripherals is as simple as adding them to the bus and configuring the chip select to address the new peripheral. The serial ports offer high bandwidth and a rich feature set. The serial ports have partially full and partially empty interrupt capability, allowing the processor to service the ports with no interruption in data flow.

MOD5272 Price

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MOD5272-100IR 100 Version, with RJ-45 $139 $99 $72 Buy Now!
NNDK-MOD5272-KIT MOD5272 Development Kit $299     Buy Now!