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NetBurner in Flight

Ground and airborne tracking platforms maintain a communications link

"For many networked consumer products, a Raspberry Pi is a popular option; however, for timing-critical or harsh environments, NetBurner modules are a better, more reliable choice. NetBurner supports all standard Internet protocols and features on top of a real-time preemptive operating system - unlike the non-deterministic Pi. Add to this an industrial temperature rating, which was especially important in this airborne communications application."

Mark Oberman, Principal Engineer at OBE Systems, Inc. goes on to describe this airborne particular application and how it worked out.

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Scratching your head as to which IoT (Internet of Things) or network development kit to use for your next project -- and not just for prototyping and MVP, but something that is solid all the way through scale-up and commercialization? This article’s goal is to show you where NetBurner’s products fit within a figurative “IoT Spectrum” in contrast with the market’s top two selling IOT development kits - Arduino and Raspberry Pi - in terms of hardware, software, tools, and support. We will also provide some insight in selecting a platform that is right for your project or application while keeping future goals and scalability in mind.

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NBTouch: NetBurner at your fingertips

Embedded systems are notoriously difficult to work with for beginners (even with NetBurner’s simple and easy-to-use tools, non-engineers sometimes find it intimidating). Also, it is hard to develop good-looking and friendly user interface(UI) for an embedded device. This project will shows you how to develop a easy to use touch screen device to display web interface on a NetBurner device. This project will allow the integration of all kinds of friendly UI as it is only a web application. For ease of use, I focused on having it set up and run with no required user input.

To make such a product, the goal for the project was to meet the following expectations:

  • Touchscreen
  • Virtual keyboard
  • Minimal window manager / no desktop
  • Automatically find local NetBurner devices
  • Display the devices’ GUI

In this article, I will show you a quick demo and step-by-step how-to guide to make your application efficient, convenient, and simple by displaying your UI on a touchscreen kiosk that meets my listed expectations.

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