Debrief: NetBurner at the 22nd Microchip Masters Conference

NetBurner Class at the 22nd Microchip Masters Conference 2018

This past August, NetBurner returned to the Microchip Technologies Masters Conference in Phoenix, Arizona to teach a hands-on course presented by our CTO and Sr. Systems Engineer, Paul Breed and Dan Ciliske, respectively. The conference was a fantastic event and for those who couldn’t attend we thought we’d share our entire deck, “Debugging Techniques for IoT Devices: Stories from 20 years of experience.” What made this event even more exciting was that all of our attendees were given our latest Microchip ARM-Cortex-M7-powered NetBurner embedded module to work with even before the official release! (P.S. we’re really close to buttoning everything up for the launch – wink wink nudge nudge)

NetBurner Co-founder Tom Kenney had this to say about the experience: “The Microchip Masters class, Debugging IoT failure modes, provided some great experience for attendees to learn about real life case studies of real life deployment from the actual engineers who debugged and solved the issues in the field over the course of 20 years. The class involved IoT hardware with firmware/software written by attendees to troubleshoot the various issues. As you can imagine at a technical conference, the network resources were significantly strained, which provided an unplanned real-time opportunity to identify IoT connectivity issues.”

The course slidedeck runs through details on setting up a NetBurner project with a Python Django web server, running a simple IoT app using JSON, understanding the details of IoT connectivity, and finally tips on recovering from 11 real world failure modes. It’s 60 slides in all — but solo you can run through it pretty quickly. Feel free to ask questions using our commenting form below!

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