Tuesday, January 30, 2018 8:46 am

You Say It's Your Birthday!?!? NetBurner Turns 20!!!!

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Oh my... how time flies! It was 1998 when NetBurner first opened its shiny eyes as a baby tech startup. The Internet was still called the World Wide Web in those days and the screech of 52K Baud dial-up modems filled the air. The “Dot-Com Bubble” was sinisterly swelling towards the infamous post-Y2K .com collapse. AOL over dial-up dominated the market while the new GUI browsers like Netscape and Mozilla were incubating, gearing up to change everything over “high-speed” broadband cable (a blazing 1-2 Mbps). 3D printing, VR, smartphones, IoT and AI personal assistants were still the stuff of cyberpunk and not-too-far-into-the-future science fiction.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018 8:31 am

Warrior’s Guide to Embedded Debugging - Part I

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There is nothing more frustrating than having a problem and feeling helpless while some oracle on the other end of a nebulous contact form decides your fate. In the ideal world you would be able to solve your own problems without ever needing outside help, right? Our goal at NetBurner is to make the product in such a way that you rarely need support; not because we don’t want to help you, but to get you farther, faster. We still have a way to go and that’s why we take pride in the quality of our support, blog posts and community forums to fill those remaining gaps.

At NetBurner we’re continuously improving our products and working to deliver practical and empowering technologies to our customers. This latest NetBurner software release is packed with useful code examples, enhanced SSL/TLS and FTP functionality, extended SSL capability for WebSockets, added USB communications device class and mass storage libraries (BETA), as well as lots of other goodies and bug fixes to keep your dogs from scratching. Read our full release notes in this post for details.

We read you loud and clear! NetBurner’s new Embedded Core Module is our answer to your call for an ARM® Cortex®-Powered processor for your next masterpiece. We can hardly contain ourselves so we’re providing a preview before we Supernova! The all-new NetBurner ARM® Cortex®-Powered Core Module is here to accelerate and de-risk your product development path for serious IoT and embedded applications!

These days, special consideration into the security of your internet accessible devices is a must. The proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) has provided a multitude of opportunities to hackers. Installing an SSL certificate on your IoT devices is a terrific way to protect your data and IoT from attack. Not all IoT needs to be secured but for systems that are accessible via internet, rather than just a local area network, it’s a good precaution for preventing data breaches and malware infections.

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