SB70LC Schematic: SB70LC-ADPT-100CR


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2 thoughts on “SB70LC Schematic: SB70LC-ADPT-100CR

  1. I have the SB70LC. Some have REV 1.1a, 1.3 and 1.5. What is the difference and can I update the firmware to the latest revision?

    1. Hello Kelly,

      They should all be able to run the latest firmware. The revision history is below. To get the latest tools you can download from your support account at Are you designing a new product?

      Revision Date Description
      1.1 3/23/2009 First production release
      1.2 7/27/2009 Added Ethernet header -200 option.
      1.3 12/22/2009 Increased size of C11 capacitor footprint for manufacturability. Removed duplicate part number and revision number on silkscreen.
      1.4 n/a Version number skipped, no units made
      1.5 6/5/2012 Added 10Mohm resistor to crystal and two clock test points.

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