NetBurner Quick Start Guides
MOD-DEV-70 Carrier Board

MOD-DEV-70 Carrier Board

Configure the Default Serial Port

The hardware features on the carrier board help you evaluate your peripheral connectivity and to configure the core module. DB9 connectors use the onboard RS-232 level shifter, allowing devices to connect via the serial ports. Extension headers make it easy to connect to a daughterboard or wrapping board for your specific application. The USB port can be used to monitor UART0 and/or power the board.

Most development boards include two serial ports. UART0 serial is routed to the USB port and to the DB9 connector labeled UART0. UART1 is routed only to the DB9 connector labeled UART1. The default mode for UART0 serial is through the USB port. To change the default mode, set the specified jumpers below to the desired position.

Serial Data Routing Options

Development Board Jumpers Description Confi
MOD-DEV-70 JP2,JP3 USB [1 2] 3

JP2,JP3 UART0 1 [2 3]

Power the Development Board

All NetBurner development boards are designed to be powered by a standard micro USB cable or a 7.5V DC power supply. The development board is shipped in a state designed to be powered by USB. To change the power mode, set the specified jumper below to the desired position.

Power Supply Routing Options

Development Board Jumper Description Confi
MOD-DEV-70 JP1 USB [1 2] 3

JP1 Power Jack 1 [2 3]