NetBurner Quick Start Guides
Software Installation


The NetBurner Network Development Kit includes all the software and documentation you need to develop an application for NetBurner hardware. To begin development, the first step is to install all software, drivers and documentation required to write an application and learn about the hardware.

Download the NNDK

All software used in this development kit must be downloaded from the NetBurner website. NNDK software download instructions are available at

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) (64-bit) is required to run the NetBurner NBEclipse IDE. This software is not included with our installation. Please ensure that your OS Java tools are installed before running the NetBurner NBEclipse IDE. The following free Java Development Kits (JDKs) include the required JRE, have been tested, and are compatible with our tools:
 - OpenJDK 8 (LTS), available from
 - OpenJDK 11 (LTS), available from

Installing the Tools

After downloading the NNDK Software, run the setup application and follow the on screen directions to install the NNDK. During the installation, you must provide a valid serial number for each NetBurner platform type you wish to install. For example, if you have a MOD5441X and a MODM7AE70, you should include both a valid MOD5441X and a valid MODM7AE70 serial number in the serial number validation page.

The serial number for your installation can be found on the red card that is included with your NNDK kit.

Tools Provided

The following software utilities are installed on your computer once the NNDK setup process is complete:

Tool Function
NBEclipse IDE used to develop, download and debug applications
AutoUpdate Update your 2.x device to 3.0
IPSetup* Identify NetBurner modules on local Network
MTTTY PC to NetBurner Serial communication
Application Wizard Auto-generate basic applications
TaskScan Monitor applications currently running on modules
TFTP Server Host a TFTP Server
UDPTerminal Send and receive UDP packets
WinAddr2Line Decipher trap messages to get source location of program faults
Local Discovery Discover local NetBurner devices running NNDK 3.0 based applications on your local network
NBUpdate Download a new application to your device from the command line
IPSetup is now only used for discovering your devices, and cannot be used for device configuration. For that, please see our configuration system overview provided later in this guide.
AutoUpdate is now only used to migrate compatible devices running applications built with NNDK 2.x or earlier to applications built with NNDK 3.x. For more information, please see the section on updating your device to 3.x, later in this guide.


The following provide specific information on using the NetBurner tools, the various systems available, and the API. They can be accessed by opening \nburn\docs\NetBurner\NetBurner-Documentation.html. Additionally, the most up-to-date version can always be accessed at

NetBurner Guides Purpose
NBEclipse Getting Started Guide How to start using NBEclipse. This is required reading before using the integrated development environment (IDE).
NetBurner Programmers Guide This guide provides background information on the various systems available to developers as well as their general functionality.
NetBurner Runtime Libraries & uC/OS RTOS Library Reference guides which list the function libraries available in the NNDK, as well as for the uC/OS real-time operating system.
NetBurner Utilities Reference Guide Reference manual for NetBurner tools, such as IPSetup, AutoUpdate, and MTTTY.

The documents listed below provide further information on the processors and compilers used with our modules and tools.

General Documentation Purpose
ARM Documentation Detailed reference manuals for the CPU components of ARM family microprocessors/microcontrollers.
Microchip Documentation Detailed reference documentation for the Microchip processors.
NXP Manual Detailed reference manual for the NXP ColdFire microprocessor.
GNU Manuals Manuals for GNU C/C++ libraries, compiler and linker. This includes the C/C++ language API functions.
Platform Reference and Hardware Schematic NetBurner hardware manuals that include memory map and design guides