NetBurner Quick Start Guides
Running the Factory Application

Factory Application Overview

The factory application that is included with the NetBurner module includes a simple web page, network configuration options and a demo of some of the hardware available on the device.

View the Web Page

The factory application runs a web server with a basic web page detailing some of the features of the device and development board. Once you have found your device's IP address, open your favorite browser and point it at the IP address of the device. The URL request should look like the following:

http://<Device IP>

Where <Device IP> is replaced with the corresponding IP address. For more information on finding the IP address of your device, please see the previous section of this guide, Find your Device, under Network Setup.

View the Config Page

NetBurner devices are now configured through the use of the configuration page. You can access this page via a web browser. To do so, open a web browser and navigate to the IP address of your device on port 20034. This URL request should look like the following:

http://<Device IP>:20034

Where <Device IP> is replaced with the corresponding IP address. The configuration page allows you to view and modify all of the device's boot and network settings. Additionally, you can use this page to download a new application to the device. For more on the configuration system, please refer to the "Config Server Programming Guide" section of the "Programmers Guide".

Develop your own Application

Now that the NetBurner tools are installed, the hardware is set up and you have verified this by accessing the device's web server. You have now graduated beyond this quick start guide.

To begin writing an application, we recommend reading through the NBEclipse Getting Started guide and the NetBurner Programmers Guide. In the NBEclipse guide, you will find information on writing NetBurner applications, sending new applications to the module and debugging with the graphical debugger. The Programmers guide will teach you more about the NetBurner libraries, operating system, and writing of applications in a multitask environment. Both of these documents can be found in the \nburn\docs\NetBurner folder of your NNDK software installation by opening the file NetBurner-Documentation.html.

NetBurner Examples

The NNDK includes a multitude of examples that demonstrate the various hardware and software applications of the kit. These examples can be found in your NNDK installation directory, under the examples folder. The default location is \nburn\examples.