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HTTP_Request Struct Reference

HTTP Request Structure. More...

#include <http.h>

Public Member Functions

void ProcessLine (PSTR startofline)
 internal function
int Respond (int socket)
 internal function
bool ExtractAuthentication (char **pPassword, char **pUser)
 used to extract user name and password in authentication test

Public Attributes

 Request URL.
PSTR pAuthorization
 Authorization header if present, otherwise null.
PSTR pFirstCookie
 First cookie if present, otherwise null. More may follow.
PSTR pData
 Pointer to entire data set. Note: not null terminated.
 Separator for multipart forms, null if not present.
PSTR pHost
 Pointer to host record null if not present.
PSTR last_datarx
 Pointer to last data read, internal use only.
PSTR wsKey
 Web socket ket, internal use only.
PSTR wsProtocol
 Web socket prototocl, internal use only.
uint16_t sep_len
 Length of separator for multipart forms.
uint32_t content_length
 Content length field from HTML header.
uint32_t rx_length
 Total bytes receive from request, internal use only.
IPADDR client_IPaddr
 IP address of client.
uint8_t websocketFlags
 Web socket flags.
HTTP_RequestTypes req
 Type of request HTTP_RequestTypes.

Detailed Description

HTTP Request Structure.

This structure is populated before a HTTP request is sent out.

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