NetBurner 3.3.9
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Custom Branding

NetBurner is an OEM manufacturer and our products can be customized to present your custom brand to your customers. Some customizations are very simple such as changing the logo on the configuration screens, to more complex such as having your own cloud server instead of using Some suggestions for customization and branding are:

  • Replace the company logo on the configuration server page. Please refer to the CustomWebConfigSystem example.
  • Create your own configuration interface as part of your application. Examples are located in the \nburn\examples\web folder. The configuration server is not required to change system settings. An application has full access to display, change and save any configuration setting through a web interface, or within the application code itself.
  • Order your NetBurner device without a NetBurner label. We also provide label templates so that you can change just the logo and part number.
  • Customize the NetBurner utilities, such as localdiscover or find. Source code for these utilities are located in \nburn\pctools.
  • Create your own cloud server in place of This is very advanced.