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Recovery: MODM7AE70, SBE70LC


Applicable Hardware Platforms: MODM7AE70 and SBE70LC.

Device recovery in the event of an errant application running on the device is an important part of the development process. This document describes recovery procedures for a device stuck in a repeating trap/reset condition, or a totally unresponsive device.

Repeating Traps or Resets

The easiest method of recovery is to abort the user application boot process and run only the Configuration Server. The Configuration server will enable a new application to be downloaded using:

  • The Configuration Server web page at <device IP>:20034
  • The nbupdate utility
  • The wget utility
  • The device serial port

Step 1: Abort to the Configuration Server

  1. Run a serial terminal such as MTTTY and connect to the device serial port.
  2. Power cycle the module.
  3. Press "A" when the message, Type "A" to Abort boot is displayed. Note that "A" is the default abort command, but the command is configurable in the Configuration Server settings. If the abort command is different, use that command instead of "A".
  4. Wait for the > prompt to display.

The Configuration Server is now active on both network and the device serial port.

Step 2: Download a New Application

At this point a new application can downloaded through the device web page, nbupdate or serial port.

Web Page

  1. Locate the device using, the localdiscover utility, or open a web browser and type the device address in the URL field: <device IP>:20034. For example,
  2. In the Update Application section, select the new .bin file to download and select the Send File button.


  1. Open a command prompt.
  2. Type nbupdate <file name> <device IP>

Serial Port

MTTTY is a serial terminal program. You should be able to use any serial terminal program of your choice. When starting the download the binary file must be sent as text or raw data.
The .bin file is a binary file. You must have serial software flow control disabled. If using MTTTY, from the main menu select TTY > Flow Control and uncheck both Xon/Xoff Input Control and Xon/Xoff Input Control. Otherwise the data stream will be corrupted.
  1. At the > prompt, type fla into the serial prompt and then hit enter.
  2. At the message 'Begin Download', start the file download (if using MTTTY, type the F5 key).
  3. When the file window opens, navigate to the .bin application file that you want to load.
  4. Hit 'Open', and the application will start the load process.

Unresponsive Device or No Serial Port Access

In a situation in which the device is completely unresponsive and aborting to the Configuration Server is not possible, or if there is no access to the device serial port, shorting two hole locations on the device PCB (also called "jumper recovery") will reset it to a factory default state. The PCB hole locations are 0.1" apart so that a shorting jumper can be used. This procedure will erase flash memory including the configuration and application. The device will then be ready to receive a new application using any of the procedures described in the download a New Application section. -# Power off the device. -# Short the jumper recovery PCB locations with a shorting jumper or wire. -# Power on the device. -# Wait for the device to finish erasing the flash and loading the default application. Progress is indicated by the two blinking LEDs on the device (D1 and D2). When the LEDs stop blinking the reset is complete. -# Remove the short jumper or wire. \n\n @subsection autotoc_md89 Recovery Jumper Locations @subsubsection autotoc_md90 MODM7AE70 The reset jumper location is labeled "Recovery", located on the end of the board opposite the RJ-45 connector. \n @htmlonly <img src="MODM7AE70Jumper.png"> \endhtmlonly @image latex MODM7AE70Jumper.png "MODM7AE70 Recovery Jumper Location" width=5in