NetBurner 3.3.9
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MODM7AE70 Platform Reference


This document provides the memory map and locations of reference materials for those who wish to add additional hardware to their NetBurner device.

MODM7AE70 Processor Information

The MODM7AE70 uses the Microchip ARM SAME70 microprocessor. The reference manual and datasheet provide in-depth information on the processor, including register settings, bus configuration and timing information. It is located in the <nburn_install>\docs\Arm directory of your NetBurner installation.


The datasheet for the MODM7AE70 module includes information on connectors, signal names, and operational parameters. It is located on the MODM7AE70 product page: MODM7AE70 Datasheet.

Development Board Schematic

The MOD-DEV-70CR development board schematic is located in the <nburn_install>\docs\NetBurner\platform\Schematics directory. This schematic can be used for design ideas in your own hardware implementation for power, RS-232, RS-485, and SD Flash card implementation.

Memory Operation

The MODM7AE70 uses 3 types of memory:

  • 2MB Flash memory for non-volatile system configuration storage, user application storage, the application in a compressed format, and the optional EFFS-STD file system (note this is different from the EFFS-FAT flash card file system).
  • 8MB SDRAM containing the uncompressed application as well as any application data.
  • 384KB on-chip SRAM located in the SAME70 microprocessor.

At power-up the application is decompressed from Flash memory to SDRAM and execution begins. If the application is continuously trapping the device can be recovered using the jumper recovery method as described in the Recover section, or if you have serial communication enabled the boot sequence can be aborted by sending the appropriate serial command when prompted after a power cycle.

Memory Map

Region Size Address Range Description
Boot Loader 6k 0x00400000 to 0x004017FF Initial boot and application extraction
Config Record 10k 0x00401800 to 0x00403FFF System and User Configuration Data Flash
Cert. Storage 8k 0x00404000 to 0x00405FFF Optional Security certificate storage
User Flash 8k 0x00406000 to 0x00407FFF Unstructured binary User Flash Storage
App Flash 1.97M 0x00408000 to 0x005FFFFF Compressed Application and opt file system
Vector Table - 0x20400000 to 0x2040013F SRAM - Interrupt Vector Table
Fast App RAM 384k 0x20400180 to 0x2045FFFF SRAM - Fast Application RAM
Backup RAM 1k 0x40074000 to 0x400743FF Low power backup RAM
External Bus - 0x60000000 to 0x60FFFFFF Chip Select 0
External Bus 16M 0x61000000 to 0x61FFFFFF Chip Select 1
External Bus 16M 0x62000000 to 0x62FFFFFF Chip Select 2
External Bus 16M 0x63000000 to 0x63FFFFFF Chip Select 3
App RAM 8M 0x70000000 to 0x707FFFFF SDRAM - Standard Application RAM where code is decompressed and variables are allocated
QSPI XIP - 0x80000000 to 0x80FFFFFF QSPI (User add-on) - For utilizing memory Mapped Quad SPI memories

External Bus Interface

The MODM7AE70 provides 17 address lines (A0-A16) and a 16-bit data bus line (D0-D15). The data and address lines shared with the SDRAM are buffered to the module's P1 header pins. Please refer to the MODM7AE70 schematic and datasheet for connector and signal locations. The Microchip SAME70 datasheet, section 33 on External Bus Interface (EBI) and section 34 on Static Memory Controller (SMC), provide details on peripheral functionality and configuration.