NetBurner 3.3.9
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Recovery: MOD5441x, NANO54415, SB800EX

NetBurner 5441x based devices include: MOD54415, MOD54417, NANO54415 and the SB800EX. These devices have a Recovery Jumper. This is a 2 hole pin location on the circuit board. When shorted during the boot process, the device will boot to the Alternate Boot Monitor rather than the application. If the configuration section of flash has been corrupted, it will also use a safe default version instead of what is in flash memory.

Step 1: Abort to the Alternate Boot Monitor

There is the primary boot monitor, accessible by entering the 'A' (0x41) character immediately on boot. This should allow you to recover the module normally. If for some reason that fails, or you cannot enter the 'A' character, the have a secondary boot monitor to allow the user to recover from (virtually) all software or configuration faults. The procedure is:

  1. Power off the module.
  2. Short the 2 pins at the alternate boot jumper location (see below).
  3. Power on the module.
  4. Wait for the module to finish boot and enter the monitor.
  5. Remove the short on the alternate boot jumper location.

Recovery Jumper Locations


The boot jumper is a pair of circular pads located near the middle line of the board near the connector.


The boot jumper is the unpopulated header 'TP1', located near the Ethernet jack.


The boot jumper is the unpopulated header 'JP1', located near the center of the board.

Step 2: Download a New Application

Once the Alternate Boot Monitor is running you should be able to locate your device using:


The 5441x devices predate the NetBurner 3.x Development Tools and network recovery requires the use of the AutoUpdate utility. Run the AutoUpdate utility and select the device and new application to download. Autoupdate requires _APP.s19 file format. The original, factory application is a safe application to load on to a device that needs to be recovered. It can be found in the platform\<PLATFORM>\original directory.

Serial Port

MTTTY is a serial terminal program. You should be able to use any serial terminal program of your choice. When starting the download the binary file must be sent as text or raw data.
The .bin file is a binary file. You must have serial software flow control disabled. If using MTTTY, from the main menu select TTY > Flow Control and uncheck both Xon/Xoff Input Control and Xon/Xoff Input Control. Otherwise the data stream will be corrupted.
  1. At the NB> prompt type fla then hit enter.
  2. At the message 'Begin Download', start the file download (if using MTTTY, type the F5 key).
  3. When the file window opens, navigate to the .bin application file that you want to load.
  4. Hit 'Open', and the application will start the load process.

Once the download is complete the device will reboot and run the new application.