NetBurner 3.3.9
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Upgrade 5441x Platforms to 3.x


The ColdFire 5441x platforms were created before NetBurner 3.x, but they can be easily upgraded. The primary difference is in the device configuration. For reverse compatibility with prior tool sets, all 5441x devices are shipped with a factory application built with the 2.x release so they work with the IPSetup and AutoUpdate utilities. Once you download an application created in NetBurner 3.x, the device will then have the advantages of the 3.x features. The upgrade procedure consists of first loading a conversion application as described below, thereafter you can load 3.x applications directly.

5441x Product Models Numbers

  • MOD54415
  • MOD54417
  • NANO54415
  • SB800EX

3.x Update Procedure

  • Connect the NetBurner device to the network and verify you can see the device's IP address with Autoupdate.
  • Download your 3.x application. The current shipping factory application can process a 2.x or 3.x image file. Note: If you have a device prior to March 2021, it may have an application that can only process a 2.x image file. In that case, use the Autoupdate utility to first load the appropriate application located in the folder: \nburn\platform\<platform name>\original\. For example: "MOD5441X-3p0-Update_APP.s19", and execute the update. You will now be able to create and run 3.0 applications on the device.

3.x Update Using Alternate Monitor

As of April 2021, the Alternate Boot Monitor has the ability to process a 3.x image file (older revisions must use the previous procedure by loading the update application). Alternate Boot Monitor revisions must be the revision shown below or later:

Platform Revision
MOD5441x 1.11
NANO54415 1.05
SB800EX 1.05

If you have a device with an earlier Alternate Boot Monitor revision and wish to update it, please contact NetBurner Support at

Procedure to Revert Back to 2.x

If you wish to revert back to 2.x, use the jumper recover procedure. It will erase all configuration information and boot to the Alternate Boot Monitor. From there you can download applications from the 2.x tool sets.