NetBurner 3.3
EFFS Introduction

Source Code for Example Programs

Source code for all of the examples discuessed is installed with the NNDK in the directory <nburn_install_dir>\examples\EFFS. The latest manual revision can be downloaded from in the "Support -> Docs and Downloads" section.

A list of all current examples can be found in this documentation under the menu heading, Example Applications.

Supported Hardware Platforms

The EFFS for NetBurner 3.0 is supported on the following NetBurner platforms:

  • MODM7AE70
  • MOD54415X
  • SB800EX
  • NANO54415

The MOD-DEV-70CR development board has an SD card connector on it, while the NANO Carrier Board has has a micro SD card connector.

Debug Port

Throughout this guide, we will refer to the "debug port". The debug port is one of the RS-232 ports that can be used to interact with your NetBurner device in the example programs. By default stdout, stdin and stderr are mapped to the debug port, so when you use functions like printf(), scanf(), gets(), etc. they read and write to the debug port. All of this is configurable. You can also disable the debug port and use the port as a general purpose UART, or you can reassign the stdio file descriptors to use other serial or network interfaces.