NetBurner 3.3.8a
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init.h File Reference

NetBurner System Initialization Header File. More...

#include <predef.h>
#include <constants.h>
#include <basictypes.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <stdio.h>

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void init ()
 System initialization. Normally called at the beginning of all applications. More...
void StartHttp (uint16_t port=80)
 Start the HTTP web server. More...
void StartHttps (uint16_t ssl_port=443, uint16_t http_port=80)
 Start the HTTPS secure web server. More...
bool WaitForActiveNetwork (uint32_t ticks_to_wait=120 *TICKS_PER_SECOND, int interface=-1)
 Wait for an active network connection on at least one interface. More...
void EnableSystemDiagnostics ()
 Turn on the diagnostic reports from the config page. More...
void EnableSecureConfigServer (bool bSec_Only)
 Enable the minimal http config server to operate over TLS. More...

Detailed Description

NetBurner System Initialization Header File.